X22 Report, 13 January 2021

Episode 2377a – The Entire Global Economic System All Depends On What Trump Does Next

The [DS]/[CB] are moving forward with their plan, to push the global reset plan. Everything is now riding on what Trump does next, small businesses are now seeing the truth, people understand that the great reset is not in their best interest. The next phase of the global economy will be decided.

Episode 2377b – Checkmate, [Zero Day] Approaches, Sometimes A Good Movie Can Reveal A Lot Of Truth

The [DS]/[CB] have walked through the front door; they committed treason at the highest level. Why interfere with your enemy while they in the process of destroying themselves? What makes a good movie, great actors, how do you show the people the truth, via a movie? Sometimes you need to have the stage ready so people can enjoy the performance.

It doesn’t matter what the DS does now; the evidence has been gathered up. Trump and the Alliance know what is going on; they know the end. Things are building up to a climax…

Trump is now the first president in the history of the United States to be impeached TWICE. There were Republicans voted against him; they are not going to get re-elected. The Democrats and RINOs are trying to get rid of Trump as he is NOT a member of the Establishment.

We’re heading for a communication black-out.

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