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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Indeed, circumstances may not be what you like, yet that doesn’t mean they are wrong. That you don’t like the circumstances is valid. To get into the wrongness is a pitfall that you want to stay away from.

Debating the wrongness takes you down a winding street that turns out to be a dead-end. You may consider certain circumstances wrong, and by everything you know, the circumstances are wrong to the nth degree, yet where does it get you to review the circumstances again and again or even once? You are not a policeman of life who is to collect evidence of wrongdoing. You are to let wrongdoing go from your mind. There is no point in your refreshing whatever troubles you.

I do not say or mean to imply that unkindness, inconsiderateness, cruelty are okay. Kindness, consideration, and friendliness are much better. Small-heartedness and big-heartedness are quite…

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