X22 Report, 12 January 2021

Episode 2376a – Small Businesses Are Panicking, Sometimes You Need To See It To Believe It

The economy was built up by Trump. He built the structure to move our system forward beyond the [CB]. That is what his first term was used for. Tariffs brought money into the country. Now small businesses are seeing what their future economy will look like, they are panicking if Biden gets into office.

Episode 2376b – PANIC, What Makes A Good Movie, Great Actors, Countermoves

The patriots are now moving all pieces into position to move in on the [DS]. Election fraud, treason, sedition and crimes against humanity have now been completed. Why is Trump waiting to the last moment? He is going to play the Trump card(s). The [DS] is now panicking. Trump gave them multiple chances to tell the truth and to do the right thing and they didn’t. Now, (all of their crimes) it will all be exposed to the public.

The MSM believes they won. Now, they are showing their true colors and what they think of Americans.