Patriot Intel Report, 12 Jan 2021

Patriot Intel Report, 12 January 2021

Mission of the Day: Go over and click on Christine Cisnerzo’s radio show.

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  • New Moon on Wednesday
  • Geopolitical – not a lot to report; the Cabal is still attempting to stop POTUS
  • Trump made a speech today at the Border
  • Trump will address the Nation but it has to be the exact right time
  • It might be regarding the EBS
  • The military is in charge
  • Italy involved with election fraud, foreign interference
  • We are on the verge of the complete take-down of America by the CCP — it’s NOT going to happen.
  • Capitol protest was driven by Antifa, color revolution technique to inflame the masses
  • January 17th – FBI has put out bulletin there will be armed protests in all capitols in the States – don’t go; it’s a set-up. False Flag.
  • Anomalies with inauguration: Virtual inauguration; 10,000+ National Guard troops are deployed in Washington D.C.; special emergency with Secret Service deploying on the 13th; POTUS has been asked to enact District of Columbia Emergency, 1/11 – 1/24/21
  • Department of Homeland Security and FEMA activated
  • Secretary Pompeo has been very busy traveling… he may be conveying sensitive messages face to face with various leaders…
  • DNI Report was handed to Congress after certification; they knowingly committed fraud
  • Be cautious, aware…
  • ML King Day is the 19th of January.
  • Has the military been given authority (Insurrection Act)?
  • The current members of Congress have been bought off by CCP
  • POTUS may call an Emergency Joint Session of Congress… Congress could be suspended