Michelle Fielding Interview: Future Premier of USA

Future Premier of USA – Michelle Fleming, Spiritual Teacher, Channeler

Nicholas Veniamin

  • Pence will not be VP going forward
  • January 20th – the inauguration will go slightly differently now
  • We are going to be inaugurating a NEW SYSTEM
  • NESARA, whole new set of legal requirements
  • Trump will be the CEO, and then would have a front person.
  • General Flynn will be envoy of Peace
  • New system might not be called NESARA; label will vary per country
  • There will be one party in US
  • March 4th to June, legalities in place for new system
  • After the 6th… on the 9th, the Insurrection Act is imminent
  • a lot going on behind the scenes
  • Announcements will be about new system
  • Military role, removing and arresting all treasonous persons (Dems and RINOs) we will know about them
  • The videos containing very dark material will not be put out yet (or ever)
  • Lin Wood has been very forthright about people involved in dark acts
  • Any Biden inauguration would be illegitimate
  • Trump has NOT conceded
  • Biden may step down… but media is hiding this? Will find out perhaps on the 19th of Jan.
  • Biden will not have a choice – evidence the public doesn’t know about yet
  • Trump is not stepping down; he will be heading the new structure as a business, changing role
  • Channeled predictions can be taken quite literally, but when you look back, they begin to make sense
  • New structure will be for SOVEREIGN BEINGS, for the PEOPLE; the structure will more streamlined, simplified, put together for the good of the people.
  • Trump will still be in the White House
  • Might have someone speak on their behalf…
  • Trump’s strengths are strategy and planning
  • Titles might change…
  • Media needs to come down to allow public to fully awaken…