Michael Jaco’s Personal Meeting Room, 1.11.2021

Current Events and Intuitive

  • BLM attack against a conservative
  • The Left wants to put every conservative into Gulags
  • Antifa is going to do more violence, but will be taken down
  • Peaceful Trump supporters are fair game… according to the radical Left
  • Jaco continues with personal experiences, etc.
  • Insurrection Act has been activated – you won’t see that in MSM news
  • There are no parties left – Evil vs Good, defend yourself
  • Peaceful transition is coming. DJ Trump is not being sworn in as 45th President; he will be sworn in as 19th President of the US Republic
  • The country became a corporation in 1871 – under Maritime Law, gold-fringe flags
  • The law was always stacked against the average citizen
  • If on the 20th January, there is no president, the US corporation is dissolved. Period.
  • End goal is the destruction of the US Corporation.
  • Recently vaccinated seniors in Auburn NY, developed COVID within seven days, 24 have died
  • The Deep State is going to end up with a big bang… will take some time…
  • Deep State aligned companies are going down
  • 90% of cryptos are run by DS
  • etc.