Jeffrey Prather: FINAL OPTION

Jeffrey Prather: FINAL OPTION

Jeffrey Prather

Big tech crushes POTUS & all free speech. Patriot pretenders finally unmasked. Combating covert ops at capitol breech. Deep state announces next false flag.

  • Fox did not cover the President’s speech…
  • Deep State is flaunting their ‘force’ in front of our faces
  • Mexican president is standing by POTUS
  • Speech was at the border wall, 450 miles have been completed
  • Texas is considering secession from the Union
  • Armed marches on the capitol is a false flag; don’t go! It’s a set-up.
  • The FBI is arresting patriots
  • Jeffrey covers the capitol breech and the propaganda being put out by MSM
  • Stunning hypocrisy on MSM
  • Joe Biden will be holding a virtual inauguration
  • Amazon wants to control Pentagon weapon systems
  • Twitter isn’t allowing any discussion about ‘stop the steal’
  • Andy Ngo’s book has been banned
  • Gab, Telegram are gaining followers
  • etc.