Charlie Ward & Scott McKay

Charlie Ward and Scott McKay share CURRENT EVENT UPDATES, 1.12.21

Charlie Ward Show

  • Nancy Pelosi has been checkmated
  • We are watching a movie; this is all pantomime; POTUS has total control
  • Italy and the Vatican were involved in voter fraud. The Italians have sung like canaries
  • The Vatican paid Dominion (even though their assets have been/were seized)… the CCP financed the Vatican to do this – 2 Satanic groups playing together
  • Khazarian mafia funds all the ‘isms’, world-wide
  • The Alliance works together, no division of color/race/religion/sexuality/gender
  • These mafia criminal organizations are bullies and cowards
  • MSM pressitudes
  • Trump has a whole deck of Trump cards
  • All of control of darkness has been underground (DUMBs, tunnels, hidden)
  • the new defense is from above…
  • Coming into a world that is controlled from space
  • We are entering into a new paradigm…