12th January Update Current News

12th January Update Current News

Simon Parkes, Connecting Consciousness

Simon explains “Q” and “Anons”.

  • POTUS is “The Boss”
  • Italy – an affidavit from Leonardo employee was delivered BEFORE the electoral college certification. Since Congress accepted the certification without an investigation, they have ALL committed treason, RINOs and Democrats.
  • When Trump came in during 2016, 70% of the government was corrupt
  • For the last 4 years, POTUS and his team have been getting people lined up to take positions in emergency situation…
  • Trump has a fall-back
  • Italy – members of the Italian government were working with the Vatican, to change votes electronically via satellite. Italy was transferring data to Frankfurt CIA. Italy is a NATO country. Italian gov’t asked POTUS to tell public the satellites were ‘hacked’, but some people will be arrested. Italian gov’t is attempting to save itself.
  • Why is the Vatican so involved?
  • Bank accounts of prominent people – 12 to 15 names, these people have billions $$ in Vatican Bank
  • Obama is responsible for all of the attacks $400M+
  • YouTube has taken down videos…
  • POTUS is upbeat and in charge
  • Q plan started in 1963 with 200 generals, working for decades
  • On 1/6/21 POTUS and his team watched everything playing out in Washington D.C.
  • Playing out a script… a movie
  • Real reason JFK was killed, he wanted to get rid of the Central Bank, removing CIA from influence game
  • America will be returning to the Gold Standard; banking will change, no interest or money laundering; setting humanity free from debt slavery…

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