Patriot Intel Report, 12 Jan 2021

Patriot Intel Report, 12 January 2021

Mission of the Day: Go over and click on Christine Cisnerzo’s radio show.

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  • New Moon on Wednesday
  • Geopolitical – not a lot to report; the Cabal is still attempting to stop POTUS
  • Trump made a speech today at the Border
  • Trump will address the Nation but it has to be the exact right time
  • It might be regarding the EBS
  • The military is in charge
  • Italy involved with election fraud, foreign interference
  • We are on the verge of the complete take-down of America by the CCP — it’s NOT going to happen.
  • Capitol protest was driven by Antifa, color revolution technique to inflame the masses
  • January 17th – FBI has put out bulletin there will be armed protests in all capitols in the States – don’t go; it’s a set-up. False Flag.
  • Anomalies with inauguration: Virtual inauguration; 10,000+ National Guard troops are deployed in Washington D.C.; special emergency with Secret Service deploying on the 13th; POTUS has been asked to enact District of Columbia Emergency, 1/11 – 1/24/21
  • Department of Homeland Security and FEMA activated
  • Secretary Pompeo has been very busy traveling… he may be conveying sensitive messages face to face with various leaders…
  • DNI Report was handed to Congress after certification; they knowingly committed fraud
  • Be cautious, aware…
  • ML King Day is the 19th of January.
  • Has the military been given authority (Insurrection Act)?
  • The current members of Congress have been bought off by CCP
  • POTUS may call an Emergency Joint Session of Congress… Congress could be suspended

Jeffrey Prather: FINAL OPTION

Jeffrey Prather: FINAL OPTION

Jeffrey Prather

Big tech crushes POTUS & all free speech. Patriot pretenders finally unmasked. Combating covert ops at capitol breech. Deep state announces next false flag.

  • Fox did not cover the President’s speech…
  • Deep State is flaunting their ‘force’ in front of our faces
  • Mexican president is standing by POTUS
  • Speech was at the border wall, 450 miles have been completed
  • Texas is considering secession from the Union
  • Armed marches on the capitol is a false flag; don’t go! It’s a set-up.
  • The FBI is arresting patriots
  • Jeffrey covers the capitol breech and the propaganda being put out by MSM
  • Stunning hypocrisy on MSM
  • Joe Biden will be holding a virtual inauguration
  • Amazon wants to control Pentagon weapon systems
  • Twitter isn’t allowing any discussion about ‘stop the steal’
  • Andy Ngo’s book has been banned
  • Gab, Telegram are gaining followers
  • etc.

Charlie Ward & Scott McKay

Charlie Ward and Scott McKay share CURRENT EVENT UPDATES, 1.12.21

Charlie Ward Show

  • Nancy Pelosi has been checkmated
  • We are watching a movie; this is all pantomime; POTUS has total control
  • Italy and the Vatican were involved in voter fraud. The Italians have sung like canaries
  • The Vatican paid Dominion (even though their assets have been/were seized)… the CCP financed the Vatican to do this – 2 Satanic groups playing together
  • Khazarian mafia funds all the ‘isms’, world-wide
  • The Alliance works together, no division of color/race/religion/sexuality/gender
  • These mafia criminal organizations are bullies and cowards
  • MSM pressitudes
  • Trump has a whole deck of Trump cards
  • All of control of darkness has been underground (DUMBs, tunnels, hidden)
  • the new defense is from above…
  • Coming into a world that is controlled from space
  • We are entering into a new paradigm…

Your 3D fears and fights are Over

Welcome to Brenda's Blog

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for LifeTapestry

Summary of Brenda’s January 8, 2021, channeled “Creation Energies” show at You’re no longer of 3D. Yet, because of the actions of those of 3D, you might find yourself returning to 3D thoughts and actions. If such is so, go within until you feel strong enough to know you’re a new being in a new world.

“When Your Heart Says, “Yes” and Your Inner-voice Screams, “No,” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for LifeTapestry

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Your world might appear upside down. What you once thought is no more, and you cannot yet feel or sometimes even see the future. Will governments fall? Will illness dominate the world forever? Has your world become so small you cannot remember how you once felt about…

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Jan 2021, INVOCATION, Day 12: Capricorn New Moon, conjunct Pluto ABOVE AND BELOW —

New Moon just after midnight tonight, in Capricorn, and CONJUNCT PLUTO. This first lunar cycle in the IGNITION year 2021 begins in the dark of night, sprinkled with rumors of troops in military vehicles moving through the darkness. Notice the gigantic stellium of six planets at the bottom root point of the chart, all within…

January 2021, INVOCATION, Day 12: New Moon in Capricorn, conjunct Pluto ABOVE AND BELOW —

New Moon in Capricorn Conjunct Pluto

Excellent article, Laura!

Laura Bruno's Blog

Tonight’s New Moon promises to pack a wallop. My January Forecast briefly mentioned some of these energies:

The January 13 New Moon in Capricorn falls within minutes of last year’s Saturn-Pluto Conjunction. In the Eastern time zone, this New Moon occurs at the stroke of midnight, a year and a day after the Conjunction that colored all of 2020. “A year and a day” represents a magical time of completion or full initiation. Happening at the hinge point of midnight on the 13th, so close to the degree of the powerful Saturn-Pluto Conjunction, this dark passage forms a birth canal. Honor how you’ve changed and grown since January 12, 2020. Some major process of destruction and renovation will complete and reset with this New Moon.

The next day, January 14 holds potential for wild changes and eruptions. That’s the day that rebel Uranus stations direct in stable Taurus. Stationing direct…

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Freedom, Transparency, and if…

Freedom, Transparency, and if…

Operation Freedom, Dr. Dave Janda

In this edition of the Operation Freedom Briefing, Dr. Dave talks about the unimaginable importance of “transparency in process”. Additionally, he dissects a number of other critically important, need to know information points.

Faeriea Paths — Believe

What passes for Western science seems to want to eviscerate the heart out of the delightful paradoxes that exist just beyond the Sight of many man… The Realm of Faery exists whether or not we Believe.

Humoring the Goddess

Edward Robert Hughes

Science seeks to explain everything–but maybe we don’t want everything explained. We don’t want all the magic to go out of life. We want to remain connected to the secret parts of our inner beings, to the ancient mysteries, and to the most distant outposts of the universe. We want to believe. And as long as we do, the fairies will remain.

~ Skye Alexander

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Michelle Fielding Interview: Future Premier of USA

Future Premier of USA – Michelle Fleming, Spiritual Teacher, Channeler

Nicholas Veniamin

  • Pence will not be VP going forward
  • January 20th – the inauguration will go slightly differently now
  • We are going to be inaugurating a NEW SYSTEM
  • NESARA, whole new set of legal requirements
  • Trump will be the CEO, and then would have a front person.
  • General Flynn will be envoy of Peace
  • New system might not be called NESARA; label will vary per country
  • There will be one party in US
  • March 4th to June, legalities in place for new system
  • After the 6th… on the 9th, the Insurrection Act is imminent
  • a lot going on behind the scenes
  • Announcements will be about new system
  • Military role, removing and arresting all treasonous persons (Dems and RINOs) we will know about them
  • The videos containing very dark material will not be put out yet (or ever)
  • Lin Wood has been very forthright about people involved in dark acts
  • Any Biden inauguration would be illegitimate
  • Trump has NOT conceded
  • Biden may step down… but media is hiding this? Will find out perhaps on the 19th of Jan.
  • Biden will not have a choice – evidence the public doesn’t know about yet
  • Trump is not stepping down; he will be heading the new structure as a business, changing role
  • Channeled predictions can be taken quite literally, but when you look back, they begin to make sense
  • New structure will be for SOVEREIGN BEINGS, for the PEOPLE; the structure will more streamlined, simplified, put together for the good of the people.
  • Trump will still be in the White House
  • Might have someone speak on their behalf…
  • Trump’s strengths are strategy and planning
  • Titles might change…
  • Media needs to come down to allow public to fully awaken…