To News Seekers & Nervous Nellies

From Donald J. Trump:


Welcome to Blue Dragon Journal. If you are new to the blog, read the ‘Welcome’ page. And since BDJ got over a 100 new people over the past couple of days (as of 1/11/21) there are many people here that do not have any conception of what a personal blog is. Let me explain and yes, it is a bit of a rant. Feel free to leave now. I do not receive any monetary remuneration (payment) for what I do here.

  • This is a personal blog
  • This is NOT a news journal or news paper
  • I do not have access to direct sources
  • I access perhaps more information than some people because I have been doing MY research for more than four years. Have you?
  • Rumors are flying. The MSM is doing what they do best, telling lies. If you are still watching the MSM news, you are being mind-programmed. Now you know. It’s your choice whether or not to continue watching it and the responsibility is yours, not mine or anyone else’s.
  • As the blurb above suggests the Insurrection Act has now been signed. The military is in charge.
  • Congress can do whatever they wish but they are an illegitimate entity and will be, eventually taken down and most of the members arrested. When, don’t know. That decision and any associated timing is entirely up to the generals in charge of this operation. Do not expect times, locations, dates, or any other specifics to be given. If you are asking these questions, STOP. You are wasting your time and the person who is being questioned.
  • Military operations do NOT telegraph their movements, timing, or strategy
  • I am not associated with the US military and if I were, you would not be getting ANY updates
  • Go to respected sources if you have doubts about anything being shared here or on other blogs:
  • – Connecting Consciousness. Simon does have a YouTube channel now, but also a website.
  • Juan O’Savin – a personality who has sprung out of nowhere to become an overnight sensation. He is an insider, calming influence, tells it like it is. If you have any military background, you will appreciate his insights
  • Michael Jaco – a former Navy Seal, shaman, has his own website, YouTube channel and other websites (do your own research)
  • David Wilcock, Divine Cosmos – David has been around on the scene for decades. Author, speaker, he periodically gives intel updates, opinions, insights, and backs up his talks with details, photographs, and slides. Can be wordy.
  • Dave @ X22 Report, available now on Rumble and BitChute. For how long? Up in the air. Dave does have his own website:
  • Those are just some of the guys I follow. Find your own. Do your own due diligence.
  • If people are expecting to be spoon-fed from this blog, they are going to be disappointed.
  • This is not Starbucks – I do not serve up instant answers to any questions.
  • The operation that is currently being staged will take place over several phases. Phase One is already underway; that doesn’t mean it is being enacted in your neighborhood, town, or city or even state. What I do know or have read (verify, verify, verify for yourself) is that the first phase WILL NOT be the arrest of the most prominent names that we all know
  • Operations are already apparently underway in other countries
  • Electrical outages COULD occur; doesn’t mean they will — don’t ask me why nothing is happening. I am not in charge.
  • Some areas may not see much going on — good, you’re out of the bigger Democrat-run cities.
  • There COULD be food and supply shortages. Stock up. Have you forgotten the great TP grab of 2020 so soon?
  • There will probably be limited martial law — this is being done for YOUR protection; it will probably not affect all areas. Timing uncertain.
  • There may be outages involving credit card processing, so have some cash on hand, enough for two weeks. This is a common sense precautionary suggestion. Do it or not; your choice.
  • Do not expect instant verification from ANY sources, secondary or tertiary. This is a MILITARY OPERATION and the timelines of events are fluid, subject to change depending on intel received…
  • If comments are put up demanding ‘proof’, they will be deleted. Go elsewhere for your news; I am not paid. This is not a newspaper — besides they are all publishing FAKE NEWS.
  • If you want this blog to continue to put up ANY videos involving intel then behave. I will arrange for comments to be turned off on most things published here.
  • If you do enjoy the blog, think about donating to the operation.

I’m done with the rant. Have a great day wherever you are, whenever you are in this NOW moment of our quantum Universe.

Eliza Ayres