The Quantum Leap into the 5D has begun: How to Handle the Chaos

The Quantum Leap into the 5D has begun: How to Handle the Chaos

Vidya Frazier

This immense evolutionary leap has begun – but in ways that may surprise and even shock you. In this YouTube video, I initially give you a broad spiritual overview of the times we’re in and how this shift into 5D is beginning to take place. Then I go into more detail about what is happening in the world reflecting this – especially with details about the event that took place in the US last November. And finally, I report some extremely important information about what is currently unfolding in the US and the rest of the world that is not being reported in the mainstream media, and will likely not show up there for a while, except perhaps in a distorted form.

If you are a lightworker, knowing you’re here on Earth during these times to assist humanity through these transitional times on our way into the Fifth Dimension, this is an important YouTube to watch. Our true work has finally begun!

Ms. Frazier’s blog:

  • Buckle up your seatbelts
  • Intense transformational process is currently underway
  • Powerful high-frequency waves of Light are disrupting ALL low-frequency patterns from the third dimension
  • The old 3d constructs, old corrupt systems of control are breaking down
  • Waves of Light are flushing all the darkness to the surface, like a cleanse; none of this can go to the fifth dimension
  • Old patterns, old traumas, old wounds, old thoughts, etc. are coming to the surface
  • The waves of Light are also bringing peace, joy…
  • A HUGE shift happened on the last Solstice
  • We are on a Positive sideline
  • the New Earth is being envisioned
  • New groups are coming together to heal the divisiveness