Commander Ashtar: The Great Awakening

Commander Ashtar: The Great Awakening

Michelle Fielding

Channeled piece from Commander Ashtar.

Note to Readers: Commander Lord Ashtar is the Lord of Ashtar, an Isle (planet). His name is Lord Benjamin Diaz. He is a large (over 9 feet tall), deep-chested hardy bear of a man, with a big laugh. He wears his white-blonde hair shoulder-length. All Ashtarians in the Command are clean-shaven. Lord Ashtar is considered an Ancient of Days, with a long-lifespan.

He joined with Lord VaCoupe, Lord and Supreme Head Commander of the Pleiadian Fleet or Command many thousands of years ago to create the Galactic Federation of Light. Since then, many other star systems and galactic Star Nations have joined the GFL.

Our planet, Terra, is now the focus of many, who are assisting humanity to raise their vibrations for a return to the Fifth Dimension and beyond.

Lady Sundeelia VaCoupe Mathdis, 2nd Level Commander, Special Projects, Pleiadian Command