11th January Third Update Current News – Simon Parkes

11th January THIRD UPDATE Current News

Simon Parkes, Connecting Consciousness

  • Fox dumps POTUS today
  • Mike Pompeo was on today. Trump has NOT resigned.
  • Tweets were changing, 30 min., 15 min., 5 min., stopped.
  • EMBEDDED TEAMS GLOBALLY are in position. Ready with their equipment. Within minutes, instructions will be given, given their objective.
  • Simon has spoken to the REAL Q
  • Will have a future discussion of how things have developed
  • Military operations are FLUID, timing is subject to change
  • The Q movement started with JFK’s murder; 200 generals have been involved with this long game
  • Going the way the ‘good’ guys want
  • Don’t doubt yourself… this is real
  • No one knows the entire plan except those who are directly involved
  • There are a number of people who are “Q”, but there is ONLY one “Q”
  • Trump team are not worried by current developments
  • The ‘bad’ guys are arrogant to think they are in power; they let their guard down (hubris)
  • Trump has the backing of the US Military
  • If Trump takes a 2nd term, the Deep State is DEAD.
  • Peaceful transition is DJ Trump to DJ Trump
  • Mainstream media is coming down (time: soon) Emergency Broadcast System will come up
  • Operation will be covert at first and then more overt…
  • POTUS and Q are in Texas.
  • We won, but we just don’t know it, yet!