11th January Third Update Current News – Simon Parkes

11th January THIRD UPDATE Current News

Simon Parkes, Connecting Consciousness

  • Fox dumps POTUS today
  • Mike Pompeo was on today. Trump has NOT resigned.
  • Tweets were changing, 30 min., 15 min., 5 min., stopped.
  • EMBEDDED TEAMS GLOBALLY are in position. Ready with their equipment. Within minutes, instructions will be given, given their objective.
  • Simon has spoken to the REAL Q
  • Will have a future discussion of how things have developed
  • Military operations are FLUID, timing is subject to change
  • The Q movement started with JFK’s murder; 200 generals have been involved with this long game
  • Going the way the ‘good’ guys want
  • Don’t doubt yourself… this is real
  • No one knows the entire plan except those who are directly involved
  • There are a number of people who are “Q”, but there is ONLY one “Q”
  • Trump team are not worried by current developments
  • The ‘bad’ guys are arrogant to think they are in power; they let their guard down (hubris)
  • Trump has the backing of the US Military
  • If Trump takes a 2nd term, the Deep State is DEAD.
  • Peaceful transition is DJ Trump to DJ Trump
  • Mainstream media is coming down (time: soon) Emergency Broadcast System will come up
  • Operation will be covert at first and then more overt…
  • POTUS and Q are in Texas.
  • We won, but we just don’t know it, yet!

Breaking: Gina Macina Discusses Latest Intel: 3 Gorges Dam, EOs, etc.


November 12, 2020 – EO, effective date 1/11/21 – EO # EBS will coming out and it will be GLOBAL

Title: U.S. Investment Sanctions on Chinese Military-Linked Companies (Executive Order 13959) was activated today, 1/11/21. This is a declaration of war.

Good-bye Walmart and the Mainstream Media.

Ties in with Three-Gorges Dam, 24 nuclear reactors, laboratories experimenting on children and humans, creating viruses, etc. are located under the dam. Advanced technology called the Rods of God will take down the Three Gorges Dam.

Executive Order November 2, 2020, activated NESARA.


YouTube will probably go down.

How Big Tech Seeks to Replace Intuition, Spirits, and God with Augmented Reality

While the mainstream media has globally propagated gobsmacking fears of being destroyed by a virus for the past year, Big Tech has gained the upper hand in many business platforms, through technologies such as 5G and its myriad manifestations and affiliations. Unfortunately, there are many people who still do not believe there is anything dangerous about such technology and who chalk up all resistance to tin foil hat conspiracy theories.

There is a technology currently being utilized but not yet widespread that claims to mimic and even to surpass human intuition. Just imagine that. What need would be there be in the future for psychic readers and astrologers when technology can see into every single aspect of your life in chronological order and turn specific functions on and off like a light switch? What need would there be for any efforts on your part, whatsoever for that matter. The Big…

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Christ Consciousness & Other Initiations – from 3d to 5d

I AM Chart


Note to Readers:  For the dear Christian souls who may be reading this kind of material for the first time – interesting, pushing your boundaries, are we?  The Second Coming of the Christ was never meant to come in the form of one man.  Why would a generous God limit Christ Consciousness to only one person throughout Eternity?  Does that make sense to you, any of you who are capable of rational thought?

Christ Consciousness, which is available to ANYONE who is pursuing a spiritual path, is an energetic activation within your heart and mind when as an initiate of the Light you obtain Union within and with Divine Source.

When one has been pursuing the clearing of their own personal and ancestral lines of karma, you will undergo episodes of what Shamans refer to as soul retrieval.  Once you have cleared enough personal karma (which is unbalanced energies stemming from this or other lifetimes) you begin to heal and balance the inner masculine (Light) and inner feminine (Divine Love) within your own consciousness.

When that process proceeds to a certain level, there comes a form of initiation that has been referred to as the Alchemical Marriage, which is the Union between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within YOU, your consciousness.

And what comes of the union of man and woman?  Babies.  The Christ Consciousness is the ‘baby’ of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, the Divine Child. It is the union of Heart and Mind to create, give access to Divine Intelligence, the Akashic Record, from whence all things can be known if you know the right question.  In this Light, you can see that the Christ story is a metaphor for a VERY ancient initiatory process that has been ongoing long before the Earth was created.  Whether or not Jesus actually lived on this planet is moot at this point. 

I fully understand that many Christians will be offended by what is written here, but ask yourself, “Why am I being triggered?”  This is a basic question that needs to be answered by the one who is triggered, not the one who put up the information.  This is what Self-Mastery is all about; taking responsibility for your reactions, thoughts, beliefs, actions… and then forgiving yourself for holding… in some cases, clinging on to old programming.  Yes, the Bible contains great truths, but the manner in which the truth has been inverted by religion (Christian) is criminal. 

Most Americans do not have a very good education.  For the last 50 years, they have been subjected to mind-programming.  With each decade, the programming has become insidious and pervasive.  It doesn’t make it right or the Truth just because people believe what they have been told.  People no longer question for fear that they will be rejected by their family, friends, and peers, and indeed, this happened, to me and many others.  I will not stand down and deny what I KNOW to be Truth.

Next step:  From the Divine Union there comes the opening of the Heart Center, which is more powerful than the brain and controls the Emotional Body.  From the Divine Union of male and female arises a new form of consciousness and an upliftment of your personal frequency.  Suddenly, you know without knowing how you know.  This is an activation of a super sensory sense (beyond the five physical senses) known as Claircognizance or clear thinking.  This is a form of Christ Consciousness and eventually leads one to experience for themselves the Peace that exists beyond understanding (by the ego).

With this Union completed, other super sensory senses can also come online, such as telepathy, psychokinesis, clairvoyance (the ability to see with the inner or Third Eye, the pineal gland), clairsentience (the ability to feel energies, whether of other people or generally).  The Hindu masters call these qualities of extra-sensory perception sitis or gifts.  It is not encouraged to get caught up with these things as you can stunt your spiritual development.

Ancient Egyptians… most like highly-trained priests and priestesses used 360 senses.  Modern man is very stunted as a spiritual creature, so we are re-gaining lost ground, although rapidly.

It is time to release the hold that old systems have on all of us, myself included.  As a Light Being experiencing life here within an Earth vehicle (body) we all have our challenges.

What is important during this time of intense transition is to focus on your own inner healing.  If you are upset by what is going on in the world, try not to fall back on the typical addictions (drugs, alcohol, sex, reckless behaviors, anger, projecting on others, etc.) in an attempt to sooth your ego.  Your ‘ego’ will be challenged as you begin to be compelled to see all the evidence of the deep dark secrets of this world being revealed in the days, months, and years to come.  Moving to the fifth dimension is not going to be butterflies, sunshine, and unicorns.  First, there has to be a purge of everything that is low frequency, whether at an individual level or a collective level.

Some people on this planet have been preparing themselves and their bodies for decades.  Others have not.  The former will have an easier time than the latter.  However, do not judge anyone as being lacking just because they are still asleep.  When you judge another, you are judging a portion of your own consciousness that could still use a good sweep with a broom or dash of Violet Flame (the Universal solvent for intractable trauma).

Real spirituality is simple and easy to understand.  You can walk your Path without assistance.  It does take self-love, commitment, perseverance, dedication, humility, gratitude, and patience.  God and the Angels are willing to assist you if you give them permission.  Another important item to remember is:  Forgiveness.  Forgive yourself and others, as Jesus taught his followers. 

Curious, now that I think about it, Jesus was talking about the Violet Flame.  Forgiveness is a quality of the Violet Flame (see the 12 Rays; Violet is the 7th Ray), which when applied to Self or other situations, can dissolve, alchemicalize and transform heavy, dense energies and assist you to raise your frequencies.

Now, I do not consider myself a professional ascension teacher, so do not expect me to answer questions for beginners.  I took responsibility for my own spiritual journey when I arrived here on the planet a very long time ago.  There are plenty of resources, find them and do your own research.  At times it took me years to answer one question.  It will not take as long for those who follow thanks to the work of the pioneers, myself and thousands of other lightworkers.

The Earth is moving into 5D and it will be a bumpy ride for many, so while you have the time, make the effort.  It will pay out later in terms of inner peace, clarity, and balance.

Be at Peace and know that the Divine surrounds you and enfolds you within its Light and Love although you may not feel it now.


Eliza Ayres (aka Commander Sundeelia VaCoupe Mathdis, Pleiadian Command)

12 Solar Rays: https://bluedragonjournal.com/12-solar-rays/

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

The Violet Flame

January ACCELERATION, Day 11: Parler down spurs WORLD WIDE UPRISING — Exopermaculture

Well, it was predicted, and the prediction came true. Amazon erased Parler from the internet last night. I hear that Gab is expected to suffer the same fate, and that we all need to migrate to Telegram. And since Dictator Jack (in cahoots with fb Zuckercreep) cancelled the Twitter account of the President of the…

January ACCELERATION, Day 11: Parler down spurs WORLD WIDE UPRISING —

Ure Jent Dream Inn Tell – 1.11.21

Translation: Urgent Dream Intel

Magenta Pixie

Nukes. False flag. Potential Chinese buff in response to US shutting down global Chinese companies and possible use of the Rod of God technology to deactivate hidden bunkers under the big dam in China…

See the recent Simon Parkes video posted here or on YouTube:


Raise Positive Vibes – 432hz

Raise Positive Vibes | 432hz Healing Frequency Music | Deep Zen Meditation | Spiritual Detox

Note to Readers: IMHO, I feel everyone who is not personally involved in the ongoing military operation needs to CHILL. Discover your own way to calm down the nerves. If you are feeling particularly anxious, get off the phone, turn-off the television, shutdown the laptop or computer. Walk away and find something simple to do like washing dishes, doing some artwork, planting a garden, cleaning the garage, in other words, simple physical acts that help ground you in your body.

10 Day Reset Meditation

Living Light

In this Holy Present Moment between what was and what will be, I AM present. In the expanse of my mind that is clear of all judgment so that it is a gateway to divine expression, I sit at the Living Holy Altar of Truth. My life source is the Holy Flame upon this altar that is the individualized I Am Presence in total oneness with the Mighty I Am Presence of Living Absolute Truth. This Sacred Fire, possessing the all the divine attributes, is the holy vibration of Truth, divine love. Its Light shines through my individualized mind giving expression to the divine Self through the synergy of the four living Truths: divine emergence, a timelessness mind, a life-giving spirit of abundance, and a creator within the Creator with the power of One.

To every outer shadow I perceive in my reality and feeling world I say: “I am…

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