Time Sensitive Updates for Patriots

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Captain’s Blog; star date 210108.03

Suggest you make alternate arrangements for your news, folks. Twitter is ousting people like crazy; Parler will be shut down in less than 8 hours, Devin Nunes tells us, and Gab has 10,000 people an hour and isn’t functioning well due to traffic.

Keep a watch on Sec. Pompeo’s Twitter account. The closer together his posts are, the closer we are to “go time”. Currently they are 30 minutes apart.

Today ANTIFA is marching in the streets of New York City, an Emergency Alert was issued for Quebec province in Canada with curfews, and we’re just waiting for the EAS to go off for the Americans.

There have been power outages in Rome, Berlin, and Pakistan, and a subway fire/shutdown in Mexico.

It’s going to get a little crazy in some places, so… be prepared.

Please make sure you’re stocked up on food, water, meds…

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1 thought on “Time Sensitive Updates for Patriots

  1. Headline just now on MSM. “Trump to award Medal of Freedom to Patriots Coach.” I wonder if MSM sees any connection. Doubtful, otherwise it wouldn’t have been posted. Love, B.

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