The End Times


Hmmm, did I get your attention, dear ones?  The only end times going on right now is the Battle between Dark and Light, between Satan and his minions, the Cabal (or whatever label you want) and the Light (Humanity, on this planet and elsewhere).  It will result in the END of Satan and his influence over humanity. The planet and its inhabitants who can successfully transition to the fifth dimension (5D) frequency will ascend. Don’t panic… it is a process that will be done over the course of many years as our physical bodies are upgraded.

Who do you think edited the Bible?  Good men, godly men or those who wanted to manipulate, control, and rape your consciousness and in many cases, the bodies of your children? 

There is Truth, universal truth in the Good Book; there is also a lot of crap intentionally put into it to keep the followers of Christ in eternal fear of damnation.  Why?  Good question.  Simply put, the Dark, which is represented by the Satanists upon this planet, feed off your fear.  It is food for them.  They love to traumatize some of their chosen victims sometimes for years.  They kidnap, rape, sacrifice, drink the blood and eat the flesh of your children.  Are you sure you want to accept that communion wine and wafer?  It is a blood ritual.  Don’t just take my word for it; the world is about to know the awful truth about our so-called ‘leaders’.

The Satanists perform black magic rituals using the ancient arts of astrology and numerology, torsion science, and real spells.  Right now, humanity is being bombarded with this astral attack designed to keep you upset, unbalanced, confused, and even ill. 

The report below came from one Nina Starseed, allegedly a channel or messenger of the Galactic Federation of Light, a benevolent extraterrestrial force that is intent in aiding Humanity and Earth (Gaia, Terra, Tara) in returning to the fifth dimension.  5D was the frequency where Earth resided before the Fall of Atlantis (and Lemuria).  The dimensions are not places; you are not going anywhere when you raise up your frequency.  You are, however, aiding the rest of humanity in moving through the timelines, shifting the consciousness of humanity if you do the work. 

To all those of any religion, if you have a problem with this information or any other article authored by me, go elsewhere.  I am not here to waste my time arguing theological questions and philosophy.  You have a choice, keep an open mind, then accept or reject any and all information that is presented to you.  Use your intuition and critical thinking and take responsibility for your own choices.

Humanity has to re-learn the value of simple manners, kindness, and gratitude.  Our exposure to the dark influences of the Satanic teachings – which are now out in the open – has coarsened the human interchange.  That is NOT us.  Humans, real humans are loving, kind, gentle, forgiving, and sociable creatures, yet, now, we are all suffering from the effects of Post Traumatic Stress syndrome.  Be kind to yourself and others. 

[Forwarded from 💫Nina Starsong Pleiadian Transmissions 💫🔑💛]

Galactic Intel

Sunday Jan 10th

G.F.O.L Broadcast system


Family of light, ground control, we come to you now to give you this important information from Galactic Headquarters.

You are currently being blasted with two very distinct and very different frequencies.

One is a huge wave of fear, misinformation, chaos, confusion and is intentional black magic being sent at you from many different directions to completely exhaust and de-stabilize and unground your sensitivities and your cosmic energy bodies, and your galactic inner truth navigational systems. Essentially to make your galactic GPS spin in circles of exhaustion. This is all coming from the occult and is intentionally being sent in to scramble and to lower your collective 5D Christed vibration.

Also, at this time, beyond this chaos you are receiving huge 5D and Christed upgrades and these upgrades are being directed at your nervous systems. Your Christed matrix is indeed being activated on higher levels than ever before in order for a 5D quantum Christed leap to take place through you, our ground control who do indeed affect the timeline.

Understand that by tuning above the storm of the confusion and chaos that you will easily and clearly see what and whom to trust.

Be cautious of what you are eating, listening to and surrounding yourself with.

Does it open a doorway to the 4D or to the 5D timeline?

When you listen to, or surround yourself with lower vibrations you will feel lost.

This is because each one of you has a built in 5D GPS and Christed cosmic navigational tool. So, when you feel lost, or confused it is your navigational system letting you know that you need to pause, check in and retune into your 5D heart stargate radio in order to redirect your cosmic antenna to source. If you are feeling attacked…this is simply because your system is being caught between to timelines and it is an invitation for you to “see” where you are still giving away your power.

Remember that awakening is a process and that it is vitally important that you are taking care of your mind body heart and soul daily in order to remain balanced, grounded, and healthy.

Take breaks when you are overwhelmed or confused.

Trust God and know that the best and most important information any of you can fully trust, comes directly from that source first. Source Creator must be your anchor through the storm, because it is from this anchored place that you will be clearly and safely guided.

Stay calm





Tune in!

We love you!

We are you!

Keep rising!


G.F.O.L and Nina Starsong as Christed 5D vessel.


G.F.O.L = Galactic Federation of Light (aka GFL)


by Eliza

Note to Readers:  For the dear Christian souls who may be reading this kind of material for the first time – interesting, pushing your boundaries, are we?  The Second Coming of the Christ was never meant to come in the form of one man.  Why would a generous God limit Christ Consciousness to only one person throughout Eternity?  Does that make sense to you, any of you who are capable of rational thought?

Christ Consciousness, which is available to ANYONE who is pursuing a spiritual path, is an energetic activation within your heart and mind when as an initiate of the Light you obtain Union within and with Divine Source.   

When one has been pursuing the clearing of their own personal and ancestral lines of karma, you will undergo episodes of what Shamans refer to as soul retrieval.  Once you have cleared enough personal karma (which is unbalanced energies stemming from this or other lifetimes) you begin to heal and balance the inner masculine (Light) and inner feminine (Love) within your own consciousness.

When that process proceeds to a certain level, there comes a form of initiation that has been referred to as the Alchemical Marriage, which is the Union between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within YOU, your consciousness.

Next step:  From the Divine Union there comes the opening of the Heart Center, which is more powerful than the brain and controls the Emotional Body.  From the Divine Union of male and female arises a new form of consciousness and an upliftment of your personal frequency.  Suddenly, you know without knowing how you know.  This is an activation of a supersensory sense (beyond the five physical senses) known as Claircognizance or clear thinking. 

Other senses can also come online, such as telepathy, psychokinesis, clairvoyance (the ability to see with the inner or Third Eye, the pineal gland), clairsentience (the ability to feel energies, whether of other people or generally).  The Hindu masters call these qualities of extra-sensory perception sitis or gifts.  It is not encouraged to get caught up with these things as you can stunt your spiritual development.

Ancient Egyptians… most like highly-trained priests and priestesses used 360 senses.  Modern man is very stunted as a spiritual creature, so we are re-gaining lost ground, although rapidly.

It is time to release the hold that old systems have on all of us, myself included.  As a Light Being experiencing life here within an Earth vehicle (body) we all have our challenges.

What is important during this time of intense transition is to focus on your own inner healing.  If you are upset by what is going on in the world, try not to fall back on the typical addictions (drugs, alcohol, sex, reckless behaviors, anger, projecting on others, etc.) in an attempt to sooth or numb your ego.  Your ‘ego’ will be challenged as you begin to be compelled to see all the evidence of the deep dark secrets of this world being revealed in the days, months, and years to come.  Moving to the fifth dimension is not going to be butterflies, sunshine, and unicorns.

Some people on this planet have been preparing themselves and their bodies for decades.  Others have not.  The former will have an easier time than the latter.  However, do not judge anyone as being lacking just because they are still asleep.  When you judge another, you are judging a portion of your own consciousness that could still use a good sweep with a broom or dash of Violet Flame (the Universal solvent for intractable trauma).

Real spirituality is simple and easy to understand.  You can walk your Path without assistance.  It takes perseverance, dedication, humility, gratitude, and patience.  God and the Angels are willing to assist you if you give them permission.  Another important item to remember is:  Forgiveness.  Forgive yourself and others, as Jesus taught his followers. 

Curious, now that I think about it, Jesus was talking about the Violet Flame.  Forgiveness is a quality of the Violet Flame, which when applied to Self or other situations, can dissolve, alchemicalize and transform heavy, dense energies and assist you to raise your frequencies.

Now, I do not consider myself a professional ascension teacher, so do not expect me to answer questions for beginners.  I took responsibility for my own spiritual journey when I arrived here on the planet a very long time ago.  There are plenty of resources, find them and do your own research.  At times it took me 20 years to answer one question I had.  It will not take as long for those who follow thanks to the work of the pioneers, myself and thousands of other lightworkers.

Be at Peace and know that the Divine surrounds you and enfolds you within its Light and Love although you may not feel it now. 

The Earth is moving into 5D and it will be a bumpy ride for many, so while you have the time, make the effort.  It will pay out later in terms of inner peace, clarity, and balance.


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved (except for the Nina Starseed material) Eliza Ayres,

Archangel Michael wearing His golden Armor; are you wearing yours?