Be the Calm Island in a Stormy Sea


By Eliza Ayres

Update from Holly Celiano:

 I want to once again tell everyone to remain calm and know the white hats are in control.

1. What we are witnessing is the greatest military operation ever in our history 

2. This is a call to action for all patriots

3. This is a time for all people to stand united 

4. We are being asked to show our allegiance and support

5. Let go of all fear for that is how they control you

6. Stay centered in your heart space and fill it with love

7. Your mind will create fear, your heart will create love

8. Know that everything is under control

9. There may be blackouts but do not be afraid

10. Starting this week the white hats actions will be more heightened 

11. Remain calm

The communication blackout is real:

The President of the United States and countless other Americans are being (have been) summarily removed from Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.  There will be messages from the President coming out, eventually on the Emergency Broadcast System.  If you are relying on your phone, make sure that your ‘updates’ toggle is off as the globalists are illegally attempting to shut down that avenue of communication for the President and other Patriots, as well. 

Timing of events (arrests, blackouts of media/credit card processing and ATMs) is unknown and may not occur in all areas.  Prepare for the possibility of these things happening like you do when planning for earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters.  While this ‘transition’ is not a natural event, it will take place and the timing is strictly in the hands of the White Hat Alliance.  Military operatives do NOT telegraph when or where they will take action.

News right now is filled with disinformation coming from BOTH sides; this is WAR, my fellow Americans.  It may not be kinetic, out in the open, but it is still war… a spiritual war, a battle between Good and Evil, the Light and the Dark, and it is playing out right now.

There will be no return to normal as you have known it. There will be a hopefully peaceful transition as the foreign owned entity called the United States Corporation is completely removed and a new Republic of the United States can be installed.  Timing as to the inauguration of the President, who will be Trump, is uncertain at this time.  Retired Lt. General Michael Flynn will be the Vice President. The entire government structure will be pared down, all foreign-owned or controlled elements removed, and the original Constitution of the United States reinstated.

We are currently living through an attempted coup against a lawfully elected President and his administration.  This affects all Americans, not just the conservatives.  The rights of all Americans and their lives are in jeopardy should a communist government be allowed to take over our Nation.  Everything you hold dear and have accepted as being due you as an American citizen, will be stripped away.  The dark agenda is now out in the open.  And it is being actively countered by a still loyal military under the leadership of their Commander in Chief.

I am not going to attempt to convince anyone that these things are real and taking place.  The best thing to do now is pray if you believe in prayer, meditate to center into your own heart, take stock on what you value in life, and be kind to everyone.  Forgive those who do not agree with you and forgive yourself.  Redemption is possible no matter what ‘sins’ you have committed in life, but you must make the effort to reform.

Now, if the news is upsetting, turn off the television, shut off the phone, shut down the computer and go for a walk.  Find some Nature, even if it is a potted plant.  Play with your pets or your children.  Share some cooking together.  Read a good book.  Find a way to entertain yourself without using technology.  Breathe and settle down. 

This is a complicated international military operation.  You and your family, household, neighborhood, and town may or may not be immediately affected; that doesn’t mean nothing is going on.  Be glad the tanks are not rolling in and people are not getting arrested for holding values and beliefs different than their neighbors. 

Now, folks, you have been warned.  Let there be no more gnashing of teeth, outrage directed against anyone.  If you remain calm, you are safe.   This is a psychological war, a cyber war, and there will be fear engendered within those individuals who have not yet embarked on cleaning up their own inner darkness. Personal clearing of trauma is necessary in order to raise up your individual frequency.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, your journey is just beginning.  We are all at different levels; no one is better or more enlightened.  We are all light beings having a human journey while the planet is undergoing a massive shift in consciousness.  The voices of division, hatred, and anger will be growing louder every day.  The dark wants you to be in fear.  Are you going to allow it to defeat you?  Buckle up, folks.

If you haven’t done any research, it might be a good time to get started, especially if you are one of those people who is currently sitting at home and under lock-down orders.

There are good sources ‘out there’ like Simon Parkes, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Michael Jaco, Juan O’Savin, Scott McKay, Dave @ X22 Report, but the greatest source available to all humans exists within their own Hearts.  Go within, discover the connection you have available that exists between you and God, Source, Creator… whatever label you wish to apply – it doesn’t matter.  Many paths exist and all go to the top of the Mountain.  Pick one and go.  Let others make their own choices.  And you can choose not to believe anything.

I recommend listening to Michael Jaco, a seasoned light warrior and Shaman.  Juan O’Savin is a great resource; he’s been on many different alternative sites lately.  Simon Parkes of Connecting Consciousness is a Brit, but has great insights and connections, and has put up many updates.  There are lots of other patriots who are doing the work.

If you are feeling agitated, upset, anxious and are looking for answers, you are not going to find them by listening or watching Main Stream Media, all of which are currently controlled operations putting out disinformation and propaganda… legally.  Remember, Obama wrote an Executive Order allowing media to put out propaganda.  Believe it or don’t.  Again, it is your choice.

Now, I took down the article regarding the arrest of the Italian president… It would have been the ex-President, who was allegedly involved in the election fraud.  The Italian government was involved at some level, as is the rogue CIA, MI6 (British intelligence) and the Vatican.  Court cases are currently being held in Italy and it is a HUGE scandal.  Our media is not going to cover that news. 

I have had quite a few new people sign up for this blog.  This is a personal blog and I am responsible for whatever is put up or taken down.  I am not paid by anyone.  If you do not like the content, then leave.  If there is something you disagree with or claim to be ‘fake news’, then kindly contact me privately or leave a comment.  I will decide whether or not to keep the article and/or the comment. 

ALL CONTENT THAT IS NOT AUTHORED BY THE EDITOR AND OWNER OF THIS BLOG WILL BE REMOVED TWO WEEKS AFTER BEING PUBLISHED HERE.  This a private, personal blog or was… Now, during these uncertain times, I have been putting up a lot of videos that reflect current news.  There is bound to be the occasional misstep and I apologize in advance.

After things settle down once more… and they will, sort of… the blog will shrink in readership.  But what do I know?  The energies are going to be intense as the transition continues.  Prepare accordingly and learn not to project your fear and anxiety out on other people.  Calm down, Patriots.  God wins! 

Eliza Ayres, author, editor and owner of Blue Dragon Journal.

For new readers: Please note that I read every comment. Those which are low vibration, will be removed. All comments relating to the article taken down today have been removed, along with the associated article.

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