10th January Update Current News

10th January Update Current News

Simon Parkes, Connecting Consciousness

  • Pakistan had 40% electrical blackout
  • General Electric (Defense Contractor) was on the verge of being sold to China; the deal was to take place in Pakistan (plans found on Nancy’s laptop)
  • Military plan to ‘go live’ was brought forward
  • Cannot confirm Italian Prime Minister arrest — a warrant is out on him
  • Leonardo satellites were hacked, but X, Y, and Z will be arrested
  • Curfew in Quebec, Canada
  • Blackout in Berlin, temporary… related to Dominion
  • Regular troops were deployed in California yesterday (1/9/21)
  • Insurrection Act was SIGNED LAST NIGHT (1/9/21)
  • Trump is not going to the Inauguration
  • Some expected power outages in Britain; could be power outage, no water pump
  • Prepare with extra water
  • We should expect big names to be arrested in later phases (no times available)
  • Original plan was to start military operation on Tues/Wed
  • Lt. General Michael Flynn will be play important role in coming months; top security clearance
  • Do not be surprised if Mike Flynn is put forward as VP in next administration or another position…
  • MSM will blank EVERYTHING out; don’t watch ANY clips of President, CGI – get on to Patriot sites
  • Emergency Broadcast System may come on eventually… last resort, only
  • This FIRST PHASE operation will go on until the 19th of January
  • Then, in the second phase and later ones, middle DS operatives will be arrested, including Biden and members of his family
  • Military operation timing is fluid and CAN CHANGE WITHOUT WARNING
  • Simon will inform his network if he can…
  • Do your own research and get information, too.
  • Simon gets at least two independent sources on each update…
  • United States borders and shores are being watched; all autos going to Canada being searched
  • Cannot confirm arrest of Pope; the satellites involved in the Election fraud were leased by the Vatican.
  • The public needs all of the Truth, laid out, and then make their own minds up…
  • http://www.simonparkes.org for more updates
  • You may be told to remain in your houses; obey military orders.