X22 Report, 8 January 2021

Ep. 2373a – [CB] Moving All Banks And Businesses Towards The Great Reset

Everything is being pushed now. The [CB] are now pushing all banks and companies to begin the great reset. It is all happening, the destruction of the economy has now moved forward.

Episode 2373b – Panic In DC, GIANT VOICE, The Purge Has Begun

X22 Report has been purged from Twitter, etc. Go to http://www.X22report.com if you want to get the daily reports. The PURGE is on…

The [DS]/MSM are now caught, what we are witnessing is the biggest sting operation the world has ever seen. The purge has begun, Red2 communication blackout, people’s FB and Twitter accounts etc are now being suspended, the next account will be Trump. This is about removing the corrupt establishment, everything that is being done is about presenting evidence to show treason at the highest level. Let the establishment hear the people’s Giant Voice.

Trump, and many other accounts were suspended on Twitter, FB, etc. Apple has suspended Parler on their Android app store.