Military were embedded in the crowd that entered the Capitol Building. The arrogance of someone leaving their computer open is breathtaking. Nancy P is throwing tantrums and panicking ‘cuz she knows: They have it ALL.


WAR! The purge is on to stifle the truth as the seditious coup continues – Pelosi laptop stolen in the middle of her own ANTIFA premeditated raid. It is now in the hands of the White Hats and they have everything. Listen to the facts on video clip from Ann Vandersteel while it is still up on You Tube.

The purge is on and the wicked coup members are silencing everyone who dares to tell the truth and expose the evil takeover that is treason in your face! They are so sloppy with their takeover and they are all busted. They are squirming and screeching.

Laptop stolen from Pelosi's office during storming of U.S. Capitol, aide  says
Someone took Pelosi’s laptop and she is very mad. Well, she’s not as mad as We The People who hope the White Hats find everything on that little priceless piece of metal.

Pelosi's aide says, Laptop stolen from office during storming of U.S.  Capitol - YouTube
The social networks are very upset when this picture of Pelosi’s lap top…

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