LAST PRESIDENT – Charlie, Simon

Charlie & Simon Discuss Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin

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  • It will take 4 – 5 days for things to get started… have faith.
  • Time frame is imminent, the operators will NOT give an exact time
  • Vatican has been funding all of the globalist attacks
  • Laptops seized from Capitol Bldg., each person had a list of contacts and directions to follow
  • Good guys have learned hard lessons during this operation
  • Don’t get wrapped up in identity politics; observe and remember this is a spiritual battle between God and Satan, Light and Dark.
  • When you see things from 5d, you have more clarity
  • lower 4D dimension was brought to this planet by black magicians and allowed them to vampire off the people here (Simon Parkes)
  • Trump has exhausted all legal options; the public WANT an Executive Order now.
  • The CORP of United States no longer exists – we are transitioning from the old system to the new… (Charlie)
  • Quantum 5D chess – the Queen was taken in 2017
  • Politicians from the old system cannot translate into the new beginning
  • NESARA (United States) and GESARA (international)
  • Biden made a deal with China giving them Taiwan, BUT China wanted Biden to take away the nuclear code (the red button) before they attack Taiwan. The military has already told NP, NO. The military do NOT want Biden as President.
  • Biden also made a deal with Iran, allowing them to built a nuclear weapon to which Israel has said, if that happens, Israel will attack Iran.
  • Both these scenarios could become an excuse to start WWIII (or WWIV, if you follow Jeremy Prather)
  • Biden is an absolute sell-out
  • The Phoenician Families – the head of the Beast – have already been taken down, as well as the Vatican. The Queen of England was taken out — she came to an agreement with Trump. If she was cooperative with Trump, she would be allowed to leave ‘a legacy’.
  • Remember when POTUS walked in FRONT of the Queen?
  • Queen’s latest speech was CGI.
  • The Commonwealth will be dismantled…
  • UK is out of the EU
  • connection between UK and USA – can bring in a Second Renaissance…

Update as of 12:30 EST, 9 Jan 21 from Simon Parkes: