Uranus (the planet) is in the house… expect the unexpected.


Americans are under attack on all sides. Now the airlines are saying you can’t get on a flight as Pelosi and Pence do their takeover of America for the entire world to see. Censorship and now all who oppose the new regime in Wonderland and all who oppose human and child sacrifice and trafficking, all who call themselves Christian and love commitments like “In God We Trust” and the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the rule of law are the enemy of Pelosi, Pence, McConnell, Graham, Schumer, Biden, Harris et al.

Report: Trump Disparaged US War Dead As "Losers," "Suckers"

This is war and not a joke. It is not a wear a mask and social distance. It is not a game. It is not going away. The fools who said just shut up and wear a mask will be the first to die from vaccines and those who live will enjoy the new totalitarian state they complacently…

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Gen. McInerney: With high treason in play, Trump must invoke 2018 Executive Order!He has publicly urged President Trump to invoke his 2018 Executive Order on “foreign influence” due to the high treason being committed by Democratic operatives.




Excerpts from 360 news article:

“But why would Trump still be refusing to concede while trying to make people think he’s conceding? Because according to one source that has briefed me, the globalist controllers are threatening to detonate dirty bombs in every US state representing a senator who voted against the Biden slate of electors. The threat against Trump is that if he does not concede, the dirty bombs will be set off, killing hundreds of thousands of…

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X22 Report Spotlight – 9 Jan 2021

X22 Report Spotlight, 9 January 2021

Guest: Quite Frankly

Frank is the creator and owner of Quite Frankly podcast. Today Frank discusses how we got to this point, the people have reached the precipice of destruction. They now can see the dictators, the censorship and the election fraud. The patriots are going to strike and strike hard.

January PURGE 2021, Day 9: Deep State attempts to clamp down on us squirrely humans! — and more, MUCH MORE —

Just as I was in the midst of finding which of my favorites on Twitter were already on Parler, and which ones I would have to look up to see if they were there already, a tedious task, cursing inwardly all the way, I suddenly discover gobs of folks, plus Reuters, retweeting this: Of course…

January PURGE 2021, Day 9: Deep State attempts to clamp down on us squirrely humans! — and more, MUCH MORE —

Be Patient | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

Remember when you were a child, running toward something at full speed because you were so excited to get there only to realize you were by yourself? You felt confused and a little anxious when others did not quite get your joy and were lagging behind. There you were, dancing from foot to foot….your shouts of, “HURRY UP! We’re almost THERE!”, fell on seemingly deaf ears? There will be times in your growth and awakening that are just….like…..that. Do not let it dampen your joy. Be patient and, when the rest around you catch up, you can celebrate together! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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‘A Tactical Deception’ and ‘the Sting’, ‘HE’ has the Data; that’s why DS is frantic…


The Left is FRANTIC. President Trump needs to DECLAS the Hammer and Scorecard, etc.

Retired Lt. General McInerney describes the Left’s actions as cyber warfare… Trump is standing in the way. Every American now has to stand up. We cannot surrender…

LAST PRESIDENT – Charlie, Simon

Charlie & Simon Discuss Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin

YouTube links on channel.

  • It will take 4 – 5 days for things to get started… have faith.
  • Time frame is imminent, the operators will NOT give an exact time
  • Vatican has been funding all of the globalist attacks
  • Laptops seized from Capitol Bldg., each person had a list of contacts and directions to follow
  • Good guys have learned hard lessons during this operation
  • Don’t get wrapped up in identity politics; observe and remember this is a spiritual battle between God and Satan, Light and Dark.
  • When you see things from 5d, you have more clarity
  • lower 4D dimension was brought to this planet by black magicians and allowed them to vampire off the people here (Simon Parkes)
  • Trump has exhausted all legal options; the public WANT an Executive Order now.
  • The CORP of United States no longer exists – we are transitioning from the old system to the new… (Charlie)
  • Quantum 5D chess – the Queen was taken in 2017
  • Politicians from the old system cannot translate into the new beginning
  • NESARA (United States) and GESARA (international)
  • Biden made a deal with China giving them Taiwan, BUT China wanted Biden to take away the nuclear code (the red button) before they attack Taiwan. The military has already told NP, NO. The military do NOT want Biden as President.
  • Biden also made a deal with Iran, allowing them to built a nuclear weapon to which Israel has said, if that happens, Israel will attack Iran.
  • Both these scenarios could become an excuse to start WWIII (or WWIV, if you follow Jeremy Prather)
  • Biden is an absolute sell-out
  • The Phoenician Families – the head of the Beast – have already been taken down, as well as the Vatican. The Queen of England was taken out — she came to an agreement with Trump. If she was cooperative with Trump, she would be allowed to leave ‘a legacy’.
  • Remember when POTUS walked in FRONT of the Queen?
  • Queen’s latest speech was CGI.
  • The Commonwealth will be dismantled…
  • UK is out of the EU
  • connection between UK and USA – can bring in a Second Renaissance…

Update as of 12:30 EST, 9 Jan 21 from Simon Parkes:

1.8.21 The Tipping Point Post Election Update #18

1.8.21 The Tipping Point Post Election Update #18

The Patriot Streetfighter – Scott McKay

Official plans to begin the final phase of the Cabal Take-down are underway. Stage is set. Prepare to observe the battle of all time! Traitors turning against each other to save their lives.

  • Washington DC is in PANIC mode
  • The guy with horns is a military infiltrator; he has been filming BLM and Antifa
  • Laptops were removed from the Capitol Building by the military – the congress people ran like cowards
  • No doom and gloom from anyone. Period.
  • This is a shealth operation
  • Arrests in Italy, the Ambassador to Italy – Mike Pompeo is there
  • Affidavit by Italian whistleblower is in the President’s hands.
  • Trump was the LAST CEO of the US Corporation
  • He will be the first President of the New Republic of the United States under NESARA
  • Rothschild Central Bankers gave loan to U.S. after the Civil War and started 1871 plan, new Constitution, parallel (took out 14th; put in unconstitutional elements like the IRS, etc.)
  • 1934, US Corp was quit-claimed to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), we have been under the control of a FOREIGN POWER
  • 1968 Governor’s convention, US dollar is a foreign currency, Federal Reserve note; tax your people, forever – each state was encouraged to become a corporation; NO ONE in Washington D.C. is seated in the United States, they are seated in a corporate structure controlled by foreign powers
  • Luciferians think in long-terms, 1,000 years
  • 1913 Federal Reserve Act, JP Morgan, etc., Central Bank
  • 1999 Bankruptcy… 18-day window, Post Master General position, the government was going to revert back to the British Crown.
  • Russell J. Gould was recognized by the United Nations, Post Master General; all trade goes through this office – Title 4 flag was seized
  • All presidents since then have been illegal
  • Another attempted take-down was 9/11
  • Trump is driving the stake through the vampire
  • 2020 the election is stolen by the globalist
  • January 6th – another barrier; the criminals certified Biden as winner
  • January 20th – inauguration – Trump will not be there because there won’t be an inauguration. The corporation doesn’t exist anymore
  • Washington wasn’t inaugurated until April 30, 1789.
  • FDR changed the date of the inauguration
  • Trump is killing the US Corp., he dismantled the Act of 1871. Washington DC is sovereign territory, military arm.
  • We are re-birthing the Republic; all BS laws will go away; the oppressive laws will be removed down to the local level; the whole culture will be cleansed
  • Then, we have a whole new world to build by raising our vibration – we are raising Humanity through the ascension process
  • Laptops and devices were seized by military operatives; the traitors were in contact with CCP agents
  • Georgia run-off election was also a military sting
  • Treason has been committed
  • Special prosecution report will be coming out (Sidney Powell) in seven to 10 days
  • Trump is still tweeting… hundreds of people were suspended from Twitter
  • The traitors are scared
  • Parler is being removed from Apple
  • If Biden is President, then anyone who put out this kind of content will be arrested
  • Trump will be broadcasting through EBS – emergency broadcast system
  • Do not follow MSM, they are pushing their narrative
  • ten to 14 days will be difficult
  • ex- and retired Military are meeting with each other and they will take on the Game
  • This is Game Theory, 5D chess… Art of War
  • REAL Patriots have to HOLD. THE. LINE.


ECETI News: Limbo Land be Patient | James Gilliland

ECETI News: Limbo Land be Patient | James Gilliland

Just a heads up for those sinking into depression and hopelessness. It’s not over.

As we said earlier it will take longer than people believe and they (the globalists) are hoping patriots and those of impeccable integrity will fold, surrender fall into depression and apathy. Don’t Go there. We all need to stand firmly in truth, follow the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as well as support those who are standing up for America and the Freedoms it stands for. These documents are most aligned with Universal Law or Cosmic Law.

This is no longer a democrat or republican issue (it never was); it is an American and Global issue. Basically Good verses Evil with a lot of gray areas in between. We have now seen almost the entire Government, the agencies whose mandate is to protect the constitution and serve the people including some within the military betray themselves, their oaths and the American people. We now know who has no honor, who are, self-serving and have performed seditious acts including Treason. We know who sold out to the global elite and China, the CCP. It has all been laid bare for all to see. Only the extremely socially engineered and morally corrupt cannot see or acknowledge it.

The most complicit, corrupt and morally challenged is the main stream press and social media, where I have been banned again. I actually see it as a badge of honor. Know the three Ms when you are going to take over a country. Control the Money, the Media and the Military. They had the money, they control the lamestream and social media, and now we will see if they control the military. We need to add most politicians in the mix which are controlled by the money. As in every crime all you have to do is follow the money. This last election is a classic example. If you talk to any statistician what happened is statistically impossible. There were giant spikes in [B]iden votes after the polls closed when Trump clearly won. How can you have more votes than people and when 60% of the people usually vote. This makes it even more unbelievable. (Editor’s note: over 70 million people voted from Trump, well over; some estimates over 100 million).

Where did the ballots, all perfectly filled out electronically come from? Hundreds of thousands of ballots were printed then shipped to swing states already filled out? Just for [B]iden? This has been established. The dominion and other voting machines were hooked up to WiFi and easily hacked. The dominion CEO lied to congress when he said there is no WiFi hookup and the machines could not be hacked. Hacking the dominion machines was demonstrated during the investigations, on a cell phone, nothing sophisticated. There was little or no chain of custody with the hard drives or memory sticks again leaving open doors to changing votes. People were caught on camera stuffing ballots after fake emergencies like water mains breaking that never happened. Governors and regulators had to start shredding ballots to cover up the fraudulent ballots by law that have to be maintained for 24 months after the election. Now here is the big finally, the whole thing was orchestrated by [O]bama who stole 400 million dollars directed to Iran from the American people and used it in a massive take down Trump campaign. This was also orchestrated by the CCP and George [S]oros.

The entire operation Steal the Election was run out of Rome and their sophisticated satellites (owned by Leonardo, a huge military contractor and LEASED to the Vatican). They caught them red Chinese handed, “little humor there”. They have already testified in the Italian courts depositions were signed now available to anyone that asks.. This is all documented but the main stream press and social media will not cover this and will vehemently attack anyone who does. This only confirms their complicity. It can’t be hidden. These are all truth mother bombs that will come out. The election fraud was so monumental it cannot be covered up. The latest march on the capital again was infiltrated by Antifa, they and BLM were funded by Soros. On their webpage it says, “Comrades wear your mega hats backwards wear Trump gear then create mayhem.” They photographed themselves in the Capital building on the steps all wearing black then posted it on Antifa and Black Lives Matter sites. To top it off the man with the horns on his head has been interviewed at Antifa rallies and allegedly is married to Nancy Pelosi’s daughter. He and his now photographed and posted on Antifa friends sat in her chair and gained easy access.

A false flag to turn people against the patriots blasted out over the lame stream news. Are you getting it yet? America will not stand for this. All they need is validation of what they sense to be true. The sleeping majority has awoken. Again, it may take a little while longer than we wish but we will take back America and stop the steal. The mother of all Truth Bombs will be dropped one after another. It is prophesy and a byproduct of the higher consciousness and energy flooding the planet. The Schumann Resonance was off the scale on the 6th. This will continue to increase exponentially. No rock shall be left unturned and all of their inequities will be shouted from the roof tops. Karma will be accelerated and amplified. Don’t give up, this will all be cleaned up by March, the tyrants will fall, the businesses and boarders will reopen. The war and disease profiteers will no longer be able to show their faces or walk the streets. We all have to stand tall in our own divinity and play our parts.


James Gilliland

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