Patriot Intel Report 7 Jan 2021

Patriot Intel Report, 7 January 2021

  • Economics – US markets are up; Futures down; Asia, mix; Cryptos going nuts; two-week window for positive economic
  • Geopolitical/Energetic Overlay – INTENSE. This is not over, yet. Only hard date is the 20th of January. The true colors of ALL elected officials are now known. Pence knowingly accepted fraudulent votes, even with evidence presented.
  • Now, the Insurrection Act can be evoked because the courts refused the evidence, all avenues were denied, the VP of the United States rejected the evidence… the patriots have exercised the entire extent of the legal gamut.
  • Italian interference in our election has been established
  • Nancy Pelosi claimed the ‘attack’ on the Capitol was an insurrection
  • Red Line One – Trump account down on Twitter
  • Call to ‘go home’ is a requirement to enact the Insurrection Act, public proclamation from President.
  • He can declare the Insurgency Act and active the military to perform an audit of the election
  • Trump was in Abilene Texas
  • Congress has knowingly committed a crime; now, they can be arrested and tried.
  • Be positive; the energies will change; accelerating
  • Earth changes, earthquakes, heavy snowfall
  • Tip of the Day: ground, disconnect from the stress, go out in Nature — movie gets intense just before the end! Put the phone down, turn-off the TV.
  • Word of the Day: God is going to do some housekeeping in your Life.

And: Report from Peter Navarro delineating the manner in which the election results were rigged. Treason: