Maria Zack / ACWT Interview 1.6.21

Maria Zack / ACWT Interview 1.6.21

America We Should Talk

Italian Job and America’s Elections.

Foreign interference. Affidavit delivered to Congress on January 6, 2021.

  • Instructions were uploaded to Leonardo satellite and back to America to flip the votes from Trump to Biden
  • Leonardo is the 11th largest military contractor IN THE WORLD.
  • Vatican at the heart of this conspiracy.
  • Who, where, and how.
  • Why? Need for investigation. Whistleblower has given evidence, experienced IT employee.
  • affidavit on
  • Several members of Congress received this affidavit
  • Dominion machines went ‘online’
  • U.S. embassy staff were investigated in this operation, CIA also, senior staff foreign officer ‘retired’ one day before the op. Italian general and EU, board member of Leonardo. Conti.

This interview was made before certification of the fraudulent election. At this point, Congress will not investigate this… but the military intelligence will.