Heaven and Truth | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

You like to think of Me as God in Heaven. Think of Me now as God in Truth. Not that your idea of Heaven is inflated. Not at all. Your idea of Heaven doesn’t go high or wide enough. But to My children, Heaven is a faraway place just beyond reach, a future sometime thing, a land of reward you weep for. But Truth is more immediate for you. You know more readily that Truth dwells on earth. You see Truth as more of an essence whereas you see Heaven as a place located elsewhere.

Truth and Heaven are the same. When untruth evaporates, Truth remains. You are bathed in Truth, and you rise up from it, as pure as Truth Itself.

Think of Me as Truth because then you have Me with you in an eloquence of pure light.

When you vibrate to My energy of stillness…

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