Three Lories: Remember the BIGGER Picture!

Remember the bigger picture ❤️

Lorie Ladd

This is an experience of being human. You are detaching from the very intense physical sensation of the Shift, let yourself feel everything and focus on yourself.

What do you need to do for yourself now? Take a walk? Listen to music? Play with your dog?

This is a magical show. There are no mistakes. Remember your Sovereignty, your own breath, and see the Bigger Picture. Step out of your own routine will help. Nature will immediately snap you into Present Moment.

Now much compassion can we have for humans now? We are all navigating this massive Shift happening today on Earth. Compassion and empathy shift the human collective.

January 6, 2021 Message

Lorie Ladd

Have We Been Lied To?

We have to SEE fear consciousness before we choose to step out it – breaking the cognitive dissonance and mind-programming.

2021 is ALL about Disclosure. Cognitive dissonance is going to get really loud… It is going to get MORE crazy out there to snap people out the Somnolence.

Having compassion for another’s experience will help things to break down faster…