Start a blog!

Yep, started my own blog in 2012 — an email buddy suggested it to me and first said, ‘No way!’, but as I started writing and blogging, I found it to be a powerful tool for self-healing AND helping others realize they’re not alone…

Spiritual Awakening

After I had written my comment on the intranet of our company, I was so exhausted fromthe struggle withmy fears that Imade the silent resolution simply not towish for opportunities for sharing anymore. That should solve the problem, I thought.

After all, thoughts and emotions can manifest stuff. So, I thought when I just manage my thoughts and not wish for any opportunities to share anymore, then I would be spared. I was quite determined to remain content without wishes.

And in case any pesky spirit guide would show up, oh well, I could just try to throw some quotes of spiritual texts at them. How about “I need do nothing” (ACIM) , or maybe “Don’t they say about enlightenment, ‘Eat when hungry, sleep when tired’ ?”.

But apparently, this was not such a smart idea as the following events would show.

Start a blog!

On the evening of…

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