7th January Update Current News

7th January Update Current News

Simon Parkes, Connecting Consciousness

  • 250 Antifa group invaded the Capitol Building, specifically staged for MSM
  • What were the good guys doing?
  • Activity taking place in seven different cities (state capitols)
  • Why on Earth did the run-off election in GA take place?
  • American intelligence received the Italian gov’t had a string of satellites, leased to the Vatican, Leonardo, encryption satellites. The Vatican was behind ALL of vote manipulation. Italy is a member of NATO
  • CIA, MSM, SCOTUS, non-democratic states, BIG TECH, now… a foreign country that is an American ally – the game completely changed; martial law wasn’t called last night
  • How do we deal with Italy?
  • Georgia – captured new intel from electronic intercepts, and HOW the vote rigging was it done? How was it going? Looked at VPN lines, broadcasters, linked to foreign countries… on Christmas Day, they found out about the Vatican satellites…
  • Final piece of the PUZZLE – needed to allow the Georgia election go so they could get the final piece, which changes EVERYTHING. Puzzle COMPLETED.
  • Will be locking up the Congress, etc. with all the fakery.
  • Two weeks before the 20th. The President isn’t conceding
  • Election Fraud, Vatican as a KEY PLAYER
  • It’s not over.
  • The military had to recalibrate behind the scenes – how can the Italian gov’t save their necks? It was an overt act of war by an ‘ally’, diplomatic issue
  • We should start to see some very interesting developments
  • The military understands now we can’t go through the courts; alternative is the end of America as we have known it.
  • Interesting bits should be released on alternative media in the next two weeks…
  • It is NOT time to panic – it may be the 10 days of darkness, a testing time

6 thoughts on “7th January Update Current News

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    • Just passing on what I think will help people understand what is going on… you’re not going to find the Truth on MSM.

  2. Any connection I wonder between this and the original EU China-Virus outbreak epicentre being in Northern Italy as part of a ‘plandemic’ to destroy the Trump economy?

    • Not sure Sean other than I heard 5G being used there in at least one large city. People get radiation poisoning from toxic 5G which looks like COVID infection — which doesn’t react in the body like a regular cold of flu virus. It creates blockages in blood from emboli… creating hypoxia, lack of O2.

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