Your Weekend 8-10 January 2021 Where We’re Coming From — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

‘Lonesome Journey’ By Maynard Dixon 1946 {{PD}} Despite a lot of angry rhetoric, I have the happy feeling that the 8th brings forward the smartest and most loving of feelings–mainly because, in the case of both aggressive communications and loving practicality, everyone’s focus will be on the ideal (with a sad few lost in their […]

Your Weekend 8-10 January 2021 Where We’re Coming From — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Holy Washing Machines In the Time of Disorder

Cosmic Christ

Article by Doug Esse

The eye of a hurricane

These days right now in our world and in our country oddly feel holy to me.

There is indeed so much turmoil and darkness. But the holiness that I feel is in the liminal space that people like you hold fast. There are a lot of “washing machines” out there who take in the energy of disorder and fear, and as they process it—accept it, forgive it, offer it as a sacrifice in solidarity with all those who yearn for universal love.

The frenzied energy is “washed,” transmuted into constructive energy that is foundational for creating a future order (of a higher order). Amen!

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When I first heard the prophecy of Amanda Grace on the “The Fall Of The Golden Calves” I didn’t finish listening to it. Instead, I actually drifted off from it and instead of finish listening to the end, I left the video to search for other information. Last night before bed I had an urge to listen to it again, for something soothing in light of a day of chaos. I listened to its entirety and it hit the target.

This morning upon awakening, the first thing I thought of was the Golden Calves and Moses. It hit me that I needed to write of this today. Then, I thought this was Amanda’s vision and I must let people hear it for themselves for it is definately now coming to pass. I believe she got the vision to write it on Sunday night and struggled with it for over four…

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Meanwhile, Human Consciousness is Changing

Koyopa Rising

It was an exciting day in America yesterday. The world was on the edge of its seat.

“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”


Meanwhile, I was busy editing a long conversation I recorded with one of my favorite people on the planet to dialogue with – Nick. What a fascinating discussion on consciousness. Some of us are experiencing an accelerated metamorphosis, yet we are still reaching – not only for the right words but just any visible form of translation into the old paradigm. Even though there is a perceptible distance between Nick and I, in both age and geography, whenever we meet there is a palpable delight as we witness the emergence of fresh insight. Nick is 23 years old and lives…

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January STORM, Day 7: Astrology of the “certification,” plus possible decoding of yesterday’s events —

The date and time for when the 2020 (s)election was finally certified? January 7, 4:32 AM, Washington D.C., which generated an utterly fascinating and, once again, seemingly divinely timed, chart.   Such exquisite timing! Notice that the Moon, at 0°22 had just barely passed into Scorpio, exactly opposite Mars, which, at 0°12, had just barely…

January STORM, Day 7: Astrology of the “certification,” plus possible decoding of yesterday’s events —

Robert David Steel, Simon Parkes, & Charlie Ward

Robert David Steel, Simon Parkes, & Charlie Ward

Robert David Steel

Thoughts on yesterday’s events at the Washington D.C., Capitol and other places… More news about the Italian role in the electoral fraud…

Every LEGAL option had to be tried and was…

Radio silence from Trump… plans in process…

DJ Trump still has 4 aces in his pack and ‘crime of humanity’ (Covid), etc. 4-6 options.

Disclosure of blackmail and pedophilia will come within the next 20 days…

Volume 4 of Pedophilia book available…

Whatever You Choose | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

At first, it may be overwhelming to find that you are a part of something so much bigger than you ever imagined. Once you relax into the thought and know you have the ability to create whatever you choose, it becomes less daunting…and even a little fun! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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Three Lories: Remember the BIGGER Picture!

Remember the bigger picture ❤️

Lorie Ladd

This is an experience of being human. You are detaching from the very intense physical sensation of the Shift, let yourself feel everything and focus on yourself.

What do you need to do for yourself now? Take a walk? Listen to music? Play with your dog?

This is a magical show. There are no mistakes. Remember your Sovereignty, your own breath, and see the Bigger Picture. Step out of your own routine will help. Nature will immediately snap you into Present Moment.

Now much compassion can we have for humans now? We are all navigating this massive Shift happening today on Earth. Compassion and empathy shift the human collective.

January 6, 2021 Message

Lorie Ladd

Have We Been Lied To?

We have to SEE fear consciousness before we choose to step out it – breaking the cognitive dissonance and mind-programming.

2021 is ALL about Disclosure. Cognitive dissonance is going to get really loud… It is going to get MORE crazy out there to snap people out the Somnolence.

Having compassion for another’s experience will help things to break down faster…