X22 Report, 5 January 2021

Episode 2370a – Trump Pushes Forward With Destroying The [CB], She’s Back (Judy Shelton)

The [CB]/Globalists are now trying to convince the people that if we keep the system we are in and move forward with the great reset it will be better for everyone. They left out the reason why China became a manufacturing powerhouse. The economy improves once again. She’s back, Judy Shelton is nominated once again. 

The globalists are trying to convince people that staying with the Chinese system of manufacturing would be excellent news. Their system deflates the value of the money every time countries add on more debt. The globalists knew they needed to move manufacturing out of the United States. They move everything to other countries to get cheaper labor.

The best news for consumers is create their own currency without interest attached.

Episode 2370b – Trump, We The People Are The Storm, Watch What’s Going To Be Revealed

Jan 6th is now on the horizon, what will Pence do? Will he certify, throw out the electors or delay? We will soon see. But one thing we know for sure, it will not be for the [DS]. The [DS] will begin to push back. Trump now ready to reveal something BIG in the next couple of weeks. He now has the swamp trapped. The election fraud is out in the open. How do the people take back the country? How do you introduce the Constitution to show the people the way? The storm is made up of Trump and the people. 

The Deep State has been attacking Trump ever since he came into office. And they are still pushing. The Impeachment, the Special Counsel, the fake pandemic, the riots, and now stealing the election, the attacks continue. What are they going to do next? The people are seeing the true Enemy right now and they are rapidly waking up. China, the invisible enemy, and the corrupt politicians are now in the limelight, exposed to the public. The big Tech companies are attempting to censor and control what the people are thinking. We know who the enemies of America are now, clearly and out in the open. And more information, more exposure is coming… This is about taking back this Country. We are the Storm.