Timing! | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, where is there you and I cannot travel to with or without an airplane as a motif? Ah, Beloved, so is it, Oneness is One. Oneness is solid, yet definitely not rigid. Hurray! Oneness is Infinity Itself. This is how, at every moment, I hold your hand, and you hold Mine. Forever is Our One Tryst, as a Valentine Card might say it is so true as can be.

I tell you one thing: You don’t go anywhere without Me, and I don’t go anywhere without you, for you are My Beloved and I am yours.

Bright, solid, mobile is this Oneness. Hallelujah! Oneness forever and ever. Ever on the same path has Oneness been sewed up and freed up in love so ardent and so singular and so beautiful.

Love comes from everywhere and anywhere.

Let Me tell you something.

When Christ first walked on water…

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