Patriot Intel Report, 5 Jan 2021

First flag of the United States, sewn by Betsy Ross

Patriot Intel Report, 5 January 2021

  • Economy: mixed. Flight to safety with Gold.
  • Geopolitical/Energetic Overlay – time for action, to be positive. If it gets too intense, click it off. Disconnect, do something else. Hold the line and know that God wins! Say ‘no!’ to fear.
  • Run-off election in Georgia, still cheating, openly defying and laughing at Republicans
  • Stacy Abrams is openly and defiantly aligned with the globalist agenda to steal and control Georgia and the US Senate, House of Representatives, etc.
  • GA has registered thousands of homeless with one address; this fraud has been going on for DECADES
  • GA State Senators are calling on Pence to delay the electoral vote due to fraud
  • Jenna Ellis suggested Pence delayed vote to clarify which state electoral slate to choose from the states still in question
  • Energetics support clarity and change
  • Trump and his family have gone through pure hell; it’s too late to give up now; he will never concede
  • Hundreds of thousands of people headed to Washington DC; the DC police are helping antifa and BLM, while they are arresting pro-Trumpers. Threatening politicians, etc. Media is still in collusion with this.
  • Raffensburger lied about key items on fraud – shredded ballots, dead people voting, illegality has come to light
  • Highly intense energetic right now
  • Surprise waiting for Biden, 12 Republican Senators are going to raise objections. They want to do a 10-day audit on election results
  • Lin Wood may be filing a motion that two SCOTUS justices resign from the court in shame
  • Earth changes, tropical cyclone in Australia, volcanic activity
  • Tip of the Day: check your preparations, alternative communications, we could hit a period of disruption, possibility for radical left color revolution upsets
  • Word of Day – A Light is going to come on for what you have been searching…
  • Be Patient, strong, healthy, stand fast!