Dimensional Awareness Starts Here

Dimensions of Consciousness Explained | YOU Have Access

Marc Abrams

During the ascension process we hear and read so much about dimensions of consciousness. We bring with us to Earth frequencies of ALL dimensions. What is 3D, 4D, fifth dimension and higher? What do they represent and is there a process to access them?

In this video I explain dimensions and frequencies of energy. I define the first through fifth dimensional frequencies, and how you can become aware of each of them in your physical reality. We all have access to ALL dimensions when we become conscious of our multidimensional selves.

  • First dimension – the parts of our body, genetics, we are not aware of these things (water, crystals, air, fire) – manifestations of frequency within our body – ‘us’
  • Second dimension – biological autonomous systems, unconscious processes, functions
  • Third dimensional ‘self’ – our ego, our five senses, basically looking through a straw, just perceiving what we are seeing through the straw – we want to breath our multidimensional self into the lower dimensions
  • Fourth dimensional self – layers and aspects of our energetic body – Astral Body, higher human consciousness, aware of it when we are dreaming, symbolic, fears can manifest here in lower 4D, we can direct healing there to clear these fears; astral travel is done through high 4D, this is part of our aura
  • Fifth dimensional self – activate Light Body, super-consciousness, our parallel lives, higher aspects of ourselves, Star Family, we can perceive these frequencies in our energetic field
  • We can align with these higher frequencies of ourselves into our Now…
  • Movie screen bi-location…
  • We need to ground this awareness into our physical body; we are not going anywhere. We are aligning with these frequencies while staying here on Gaia. Then, we will begin to see the frequency of the 5D Earth…