A Little New Year Check-In & Travel Reflections

Tania Marie

How have you been finding 2021’s energy so far? When you draw awareness to your present moment do you find yourself having walked through the doorway fully, not at all, or with each foot straddling the threshold – half in and half still trailing behind reluctantly?

What fears might be holding you back from stepping into the potentials that invite you and how might you create greater peace and nurturing for yourself so that you feel more supported to move in the direction you would like to?

It’s okay to feel some trepidation around the new and it’s okay to feel confused, overwhelmed, or even needing to slow down. There’s a lot of energy in motion and where ever you find yourself is the perfect place to begin – again. And however you choose to move forward, inviting more awareness and love to walk with you can make all the…

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