Water Transmutation

Reflections of Riverman

Water in all forms
has a living presence

We are also that Water
within our form

Every molecule of Water within us
is an ancient traveler

It is in liquidity
that all transformation is seeded

The intention of transformation
becomes transmutation

As we return to our liquidity
before entering back into form

Let us honor our liquidity
and flow without hesitation
around all obstacles

In order to nourish and fulfill
All that we call life in form

Every form embraces Water molecules
as a part of its journey through time and space

From the opening of Our Hearts
to the embracing of Water in all forms
It is the call that every human is now hearing

In order to receive and accept
its perfect balance once again

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1/3/21
Inspired by Malini Rajendran

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