‘Third’ Going Back to the Dwellings in the UK Coinciding with US Movements

Third Lockdown in UK is a Benchmark Coinciding with US Election Movements

Magenta Pixie

Energy update, January 4th 2021.

Note to Readers: Magenta is having to put her info up on YT in code so her channel won’t be taken down. Apparently, the ‘third lockdown’ is the beginning of the end of the Deep State’s agenda to control the masses. Vibrant Light is flowing into the Earth. There is going to be a rough time for people who are not awake. For those who are awake, finally we are moving into the revealing of the darkness and showing it to the world. This is a real benchmark energetically. Things will move quickly; there is a LOT to come out, to shift and change, collapse and fall.

The third lockdown in the UK is not going to work the way the DS wanted it to… This is good news for the freedom fighters.

All eyes on America, where everything is going down in the next few days. We MUST remain grounded while all this is happening. There will be people who will be looking for people to help them to understand what is going on.