Walk-ins – The Star Traveller

Walk-ins – The Star Traveler

Lorie Ladd

In this video, Lorie describes much of my experience being here as an adult walk-in. I walked-in when my ‘new’ vehicle was already a senior. It was quite a shock to ‘arrive’ here and to realize I was in full command of an aging human body. Walk-ins can drop in at any age. And, I am actually the second walk-in to drop into this particular vehicle, which means the soul essence of two other consciousnesses previously resided within this one human body. Just imagine the trauma of waking up one day and not remembering your own name, staring into a mirror and wondering who you were… Well, the previous occupant went through that and more.

According to Lorie, the new year 2021 is the Year of Embodiment. Listen to Lorie… you may begin to realize you ‘walked-in’ or have experienced fragmentation due to trauma experienced in prior lifetimes or during this life. Whether or not you are a walk-in is not important, but it is important to fully embody your light within the body, so you can accomplish your assigned ‘mission’, using the gifts you came in with… expectations do not matter. What matters is that you embody the light you choose to use to assist shifting the entire human collective into higher consciousness. In what form that ‘mission’ will take… well, eventually you will figure it out once you release any and all expectations of what form that mission might be…

It is an adventure just to be here, folks.

Update: Lorie reloaded the video. Enjoy!