Planting Your Hopes and Fears on Jesus and the 2nd Coming of Christ

Jesus… and are those extraterrestrial craft?

Eliza:  Planting Your Hopes (and Fears) on Jesus and the Second Coming of Christ

The inspiration for this article came from reading a comment, one of a type I seldom receive these days.  Since I prefer to keep the frequency of the blog high and guard the boundaries of it like a dragon, I usually quickly delete comments I really don’t resonate with.  Some readers might object to this, but it is my choice.  My blog, my choice.  The blog is not a forum or a Twitter feed. As I state on my “Welcome!” page, I monitor all comments including Spam.  I like to keep things tidy; it’s a Virgo trait.

Okay… this writing… all of my writings are based on my beliefs, thoughts, my opinions and experiences.  As a sovereign Being, I have the God-given right to hold those same beliefs, thoughts, opinions… and let them go or cling onto them. You do, too.

As a walk-in and a Pleiadian, I hold to my devotion to our Father/Mother God, not to someone who happened to walk upon this Earth plane over 2,000 years ago. Make of it what you will. I was born on Venus.

Now, I probably should have saved this particular comment made on an older article (from 2013) since it was an interesting example of the very strong belief that one person (and there are many world-wide) who deeply believes in the Second Coming of the Christ.  This second coming has been used by the Christian Church, whether Catholic, Protestant or Greek/Russian Orthodox as a ‘promise’.  It has never occurred to people that when they insist on holding to this belief, they are locked into searching for a savior outside of their own individual consciousness.  They are looking for salvation, someone to ‘save’ them. Basically anyone who blindly follows this kind of dogma — it is a form of rather insidious programming — is giving up their own power and authority over the creation of their life experiences. And I am here to tell you that it is a fear scenario — “Oh, I am a good person — Jesus is going to save me!” Frankly, how do you know that? Did you donate $10K to the local minister lately? It is all empty promises. Lies. If you follow most Earth-based religions — even those which got their starts elsewhere — are based in lies and count on their followers to submit to the earthly whims and rules of their religious leaders.

This is my opinion, but I feel people use religion like a form of medication — to dull their senses, their ability to discern energies, they submit to authority and what someone tells them to believe and to think and God beware those, like myself, who dare to question their beliefs! Anytime you step out of acceptance of another person’s right to choose, you step out of alignment with yourself. Now, I do not believe in what this person was so passionate about because it reeks of FEAR, a profound fear of dying. Why, I have no idea other than many cultures, especially in the West, believe they only have one life to live — another lie — and overly identify with their body as their entire identity. It’s a vehicle, people, like a car… you live your life, the body dies and you transition into another form, depending on your purpose for being on the Earth plane in the first place and how much you progressed or regressed during your stay. It is all energy, very real, and still at 3d an illusion. Nothing you do, think, feel, pontificate upon is good, bad or indifferent; it is all energy. All experience is worthwhile.

Now, two other beliefs contained within this ‘comment’, were actually presented as one question, was ‘Where is the Cross?” and a statement of alleged (but unproven except by faith and acceptance) that “Jesus died for our sins!” I beg to differ.  Whether or not a historical Jesus ever existed is open to question; it is something that has never been found to be true or not true.  Believing on Jesus has certainly sustained people through many trials and tribulations.  However, there is a dark secret that lingers within this particular belief.  The story of Jesus as written in the Bible follows the well-worn path of the Sun Gods of the ancient pagan kingdoms of the Middle East. They were all born of Virgins, performed miracles and died a sacrificial death… and were born again. Ah, yes, the Sun rises, and sets, and rises, again. Do you own research if you doubt my words. At one point, thinking I wanted to become a minister, I began reading a huge tome on the origins of Christianity. By the time I arrived to all of the political manipulations being done within the early Christian Church I had had enough. The whole thing was completely and utterly bogus.

The teachings of that Jesus was alleged to have presented to his disciples, actually descended from antiquity from cultures other than our Judeo-Christian one.  They were Gnostic in their basic foundation.  Jesus or Yeshua, taught Love.  He emphasized the spirit of the law over the letter of the Law as practiced by the people of Judea of his time.  What Jesus embodied upon receiving the blessing of the Holy Spirit at his initiation given by his cousin, John, was the Christ Consciousness or Divine Intelligence that is God’s gift to all of His Children, not just one man, however gifted with Grace.

The ministers claim that Jesus died for our sins.  How on earth can someone who was crucified over 2,000 years ago die today, over and over, for our sins? Sounds like a great excuse to go out and ‘sin’ on Friday night and then get saved, yet again, on Sunday!  As a child, I never understood that particular Teaching, because… dare I say it?  It is a false teaching put into the Bible after Jesus’ alleged death on the cross by those dark creatures who infiltrated the corrupt Roman Church.  These creatures wanted humans to depend on priests for seeking their salvation, their ticket to Heaven.  When the Reformation came along, this same misguided belief was carried on by most of the sects.  The leaders of religion feed off of the energy of their parishioners and sometimes do worst things in secret. Just ask the thousands of children who have been molested at the hands of priests.

No one can die for another person’s ‘sins’.  What are sins but a violation of Law.  Any violation of man’s law is, if the courts and judicial system are just, is punishable and the one who committed the violation is the one who pays.  Again… I emphasize, if the judicial system isn’t corrupted by the power and money of wealthy men.  If the Laws of the Cosmos are violated, the perpetrator will also pay, although not necessarily within the same lifetime… This is the Law of Return, otherwise known popularly as the Law of Karma, a greatly misunderstood law. Basically, it is whatever you put out, you get back (could be called the Law of Attraction, too). If you take from someone else; eventually you will have to balance that energy and return it back to neutral. The compassion of the Universe is infinite; still energies must be balanced, accounts settled, in God’s time which has nothing to do with linear time (another lie!).

At the time Jesus allegedly was on this planet, the cross was a favorite method of execution used by the Romans; a slow, excruciating manner in which to die, usually reserved for slaves, common thieves, and rebels who intentionally violated Roman law. 

The cross was also an ancient symbol used by spiritual people long before the advent of the cruel Roman empire.  As with most sacred emblems, the Romans and their progeny, have discovered a way to pervert and invert symbols.  Due to deep ancestral memory, people are attracted to these symbols, although a few more free-thinkers eventually recognize the misuse of the ancient symbols as well as names of the gods and goddesses.

If, as the story goes, Jesus was punished because he ostensibly claimed to be King of the Jews… not his words, but ones purported to be said by others in order to incriminate him, this was considered by the Romans as a blatant violation of their law.  In their belief system of the time, the Emperor was the only ruler and none stood above him.  Still, a temporal ruler hardly fits the idea that Jesus was attempting to convey through his Teachings.  What was misunderstood is that the Kingdom of Heaven lies within EACH individual who accepts the blessing of the Holy Spirit.  This is a convoluted way to say, ‘Go within!  Seek out the Kingdom of Heaven that lies within your own Heart!’ And when Jesus spoke of the I AM, he was saying the Holy Name of God. “I AM the Truth, the Way, the Word.” Yes, God, Father/Mother God is the Way. Christ consciousness is the means you use to discover the Truth that God lives within you, each of you and always has. Through your awareness of this sacred and extremely ancient truth lies true salvation, which doesn’t necessarily mean you will become rich tomorrow. You will discover the Peace that is beyond understanding, that lies beyond the comprehension of men caught up in the illusion of the 3D earth plane of existence.

Jesus knew that with the advent of another cycle, as the Age of Pisces wound down, the Age of Aquarius would spell out the ending of the world as it was known and defined by the Romans.  Did you know that the Roman Empire still exists even to this day?  It goes under the guise of the British Empire combined with the numerous secret societies run by the Jesuits through the Catholic Church.  It is an evil empire, based on Satanic teachings and rituals, not on those given forth by a humble former carpenter on the hillsides and shores of the ancient land of Judea. The Roman Empire is now, finally, crumbling of its own weight. The energies that sustained this low vibrational world and all its attendant belief systems is dying, being dismantled as the human collective is rising in frequency to a level where it can no longer be affected by the low frequency levels of 3D. Therefore, everything built within the old mental constructs will crumble, fall, and dissolve. It will take time, but it is happening now. Just look at current events and witness the tremendous amount of chaos present.

Do most Christians realize or comprehend that the ritual of Communion is a re-playing of an eternal blood sacrifice?  In effect, when you accept communion, you are repeating the sacrifice of blood which is represented by Christ on the Cross.  When I came to this realization I was rather nauseated by the whole thing. This practice is in effect a Satanic ritual if symbolic. It is known that members of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church practice real Satanic rituals. Again, do your own research if you disbelieve my claims — something you are welcomed to do. It is your choice; it has always been your choice what you bring into your own world through the means of the conscious awareness you hold.

The word, “Christ” or “Krystos” in Greek means “the anointed one. The Christ is actually an OFFICE in the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet.  Why do you think kings and queens undergo the ritual of having holy oil poured out on their heads?  It is their belief that somehow this ritual links them to the Divine Right of Kings to rule over their subjects, which is yet another mental construct of the old world. Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit through the Presence of the Buddha Who Will Come, the Ascended Master, Lord Maitreya. This magnificent Lord of Light was and is the mentor of the one who was Jesus.

Jesus arrived here as a walk-in from Venus, a projection of his oversoul known as Lord Sananda Kumara, Son of Sanat Kumara, Regent of Venus… His mission, undertaken by command of his Father, Sanat Kumara, was NOT to die for the sins of humanity.  He arrived here to aid in raising up the frequency of the collective of humanity so it might evolve to a higher frequency.  Jesus came, along with many other Teachers world-wide, in many different guises and cultures, to teach eternal Truth, not to create more fear than already existed in the darkened world of the Roman Empire.

Christ consciousness is a state of Being, a form of existence where your human mind comes into tune or resonance with Higher Mind… be it God or Goddess, Angel… but not devil or demons.  Any person who meditates upon the Heart Center, who has enough Light within the altar on the Secret Chamber of Heart can reach this level of enlightenment… which, in turn simply means to be ‘filled with Light’.

In esoteric terms, Light means Intelligence, sacred knowledge given through the Intuition or still silent voice of the Heart, through which God or Higher Consciousness speaks to its Disciples.  You do not need to go to any particular church, receive blessings from a guru or priest or read any books to align your heart with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary.  You simply must know, possess the clear knowingness, Claircognizance, that arrives with the advent of Christ Consciousness.  Such a person will know what they know without being taught.  It is information conveyed wordlessly, sometimes through visions or dreams, sometimes in an instant ‘ah, ha!’ moment.  Modern spiritual people understand these revelations as downloads, like your mind is a computer receiving a download of information from another larger computer… one of a size that encompasses the Universe.

The Second Coming of Christ is actually the advent of Christ Consciousness upon the persons who are ready to receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit… the Spirit of Sophia… another missing player from Christianity.  All that hokey about a Virgin birth was just that… no one gets birthed on this planet unless they have parents, a mother and a father or was grown in a petrie dish.  All the crap (forgive my Anglo-Saxon) about more than two genders is just that… an attempt to further dilute the underlying truth that exists all around humanity in Nature. 

The comment was made in response to someone reading an article written in 2013 by Tazjma Amariah Kumara entitled: Opening up to your Divinity is a Sacred Mission.

At the time, Taz was doing just that… coming into alignment with her High Christ Self, a part of her Being that exists in a higher frequency band elsewhere, just like Lord Sananda Kumara still lives and serves from His home on Venus, as part of the Kumara clan… a family that originated in the Sirian Star System and those Fathers include Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu.  Jesus or Yeshua was a small but potent fragment or fractal of the magnificence of His heavenly self.  Heaven is merely a descriptive and deceptive term for a higher frequency band of existence.  In the case of the Ascended Master Sananda Kumara, he resonates at, at least 7D or higher.  As He evolves as a spiritual Being, He will climb higher in Light Frequency.  The process is called Spiritual Evolution and it is the birthright of every man, woman, and child on Earth and elsewhere within all Universes.

In writing this, I fully recognize that the person who wrote that impassioned comment will not comprehend this writing as it will not resonate at their current frequency or resonance.  It is completely off the chart, beyond their understanding. And any defense of mine to support my words may be interpreted as an insult. Perhaps someday they will arrive at a fuller understanding of the anointed one’s mission here upon Earth, perhaps not.  Those who have the ears to hear, will hear; those who have the eyes to see, will see.  The ears and eyes are not necessarily physical ones but are the inner ears and the inner eyes… like the inner Heart, the major energy center that rules the emotions of your body.  I am not attempting to judge the commenter, but feel compelled to respond if not directly.  Perhaps someone else is meant to read these words of mine, humble as they are, and benefit by them.

Okay, enough for now.  Please understand I write from a stream of consciousness and I am no expert on Christian philosophy.  I simply attempt to convey what I understand within my own heart.  You do not have to believe me but I would suggest before accepting out of hand without question any sort of teaching no matter how sacred, that you do question the veracity of the teachings for you.  Does it resonate within your heart?  If it doesn’t, then it isn’t meant for you… right now.  As you change, your thoughts, beliefs, and programming will shift or not.  It is your choice and your responsibility alone, not Jesus’.  He finished his magnificent mission here and returned Home to Venus, job well done.  What Rome and others did to mash up and suppress His true teachings later on is not His fault.  And every word in the Bible is not holy.  It is a book that has been rewritten, edited, rewritten and edited, several hundred books removed, and edited again due to political considerations and prevailing interpretations of the Word at the time of the editing or rewrite.  By political motivations, I mean what the powers that were in the day thought people ought to believe because they knew better.  Isn’t that truly arrogant? The word given through God’s grace through one man has taken on a completely different tone and meaning than was originally intended.

If you’re waiting on Jesus to knock on your door and save you from your sins, you are going to be waiting a long time.  Like the superstitious nonsensical belief that extraterrestrial craft are going to save humanity, the whole idea of seeking someone to take the responsibility for saving someone is… that someone is handing over their power to another.  You are in effect giving license for that person to do whatever they want with you… which is not self-mastery.  You ain’t going to Heaven if you don’t have a ticket to ride… which you will find by going within and speaking directly to Jesus or some other Saint or Master of your choosing and coming clean, asking forgiveness, and coming into alignment with the Will of God which exists both within and without any book ever written.

Stop giving your power away… unless it is your choice to do so… which you have every right to do because you are a Light Being experiencing a human, a very low-vibrational human life for the purpose of raising up that low vibrational awareness towards Heaven, currently designated by some as ‘fifth-dimension’ but actually much higher than that…

Okay, enough with the lecture.  I’m done.  I think I will close comments on this one.  If you have a question, send me an email. 


Eliza Ayres

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