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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

It is not always easy to discern when it is ego talking or when it is your Self. Most of the time, I must confess, it is your ego that is daunted. Poor ego. It agonizes. Perhaps your ego needs to be slighted. Much of Human concern revolves around ego. Up or down. Ego is on a sliding scale.

Now you can leave the old clothes of ego behind.

Of what value is ego to you except to remind you of truth. Ego is a poor substitute for the light you radiate. Who needs ego when they have true identity?

Let ego fall by the wayside. Laugh at it. It’s laughing at you. Ego is pomp and circumstance. It wears a costume that is not befitting of you. It is clown make-up.

And yet it is easy to think that ego is important, to you and to the…

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