Pam Gregory: New Moon in Capricorn, 12-13th Jan 2021

New Moon in Capricorn, 12-13th January 2021

Pam Gregory

Pam talks about the astrological developments for the first half of January and the New Moon in Capricorn on the 12-13th. What does this mean for you? You can download a free birthchart from my website, then purchase this two-part tutorial video series that explains how to find this points in your chart and what it means for you:

  • We have to breakdown to break through to a much more loving world…
  • rebellious energies
  • Eris moving stationary direct in Aries – period of awakening
  • 6th of Jan, Mars moves into Taurus; conjunct Eris – earthquakes, disruptive energies
  • Changing energies, quick
  • New Moon 23 degrees Capricorn, “reality” check – how well we have mastered our emotions within last year
  • Capricorn is the past, Aquarius is the future – set intention for new life
  • etc.

Thoughts on 2021 video: