Chambers of the Heart

Our Spirit

The Human Heart is a Supersensible Organ of Perception

By Douglas Gabriel

Chapter Two: Physiological Aspects of the Human Heart – Chambers of the Heart

“Go to your bosom; knock there, and ask your heart what it doth know…”

William Shakespeare


Fifth Chamber of the Heart

In Anthroposophy, much is made of the nature of the “fifth chamber” of the heart. This secret has been kept since ancient times but now is the focus of the next step in understanding the true nature of the human heart in its future development. It is our belief that the pericardium, the “sac” around the heart is indeed this fifth chamber that holds the secrets of proper heart evolution.

University of Calgary researchers were the first to discover a previously unidentified cell population in the pericardial fluid found inside the sac around the heart. The discovery could lead to new treatments for…

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