What Do All These Numbers Mean?

What Do All These Numbers Mean?

Paul Wyrostek

  • Repetitive numbers
  • ‘ah, ha’ moment, write them down in a row as you see the numbers
  • number sequences
  • Google angel numbers, read the first thing that pops up, write it down; it is ‘talking’ to you!
  • Synchronicities are going to be more frequent as the frequency rises
  • You will know when the numbers jump out at you

One Step at a Time

Humoring the Goddess

Pat Fitzgerald

I look around cautiously … my breathing slow, steady, rhythmic.

I listen … John Wick (of all movies) fighting and umph-ing and ack-ing and uh-king in the background. But that’s all. John Wick is riding a horse through city streets, no less. That’s some feat.

It is the day after New Year’s Day. Celebrated New Year’s Eve with my family, spent yesterday with my brother-in-law, reorienting him to the outside world a little. It was a good day.

I look around again … cautiously.

Has the bad luck from 2020 followed me into this Saturday matinee? Is the boogeyman waiting for me to take a misstep so he/she/it can jump on me with both feet?

I didn’t really have a horrible 2020. I lost two people I loved, which was heartbreaking. I cleaned out a hoarder house and had to give up a totally new start on my…

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Luminous Darkness: Encountering the Law of One Through Letting Go

Cosmic Christ

Article by Doug Esse

Say out loud, “In union with the Creator’s Transcendence (right hand to 6th chakra), Incarnation (right hand to 2nd chakra), and Indwelling Presence (both hands crossed over heart chakra). Amen.

I begin this brief reflection with a “sign” that utilizes the mind, body, and spirit together while vocalizing words that proclaim the reality of the Infinite Creator in whom all things are in union. This proclamation is also, to my way of thinking, the very spirit of the symbol of the ankh:

“…[The] circle [indicates] the magic of the spirit; the cross [indicates] that nature of manifestation which may only be valued by the losing [read, “sacrifice,” “kenosis,” or “self-emptying”]. Thus the [ankh] is intended to be seen as an image of the eternal in and through manifestation, and beyond manifestation, through the sacrifice [“to make holy”] and transformation of that which is manifest.”

Law of…

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2nd January Update Current News

2nd January Update Current News

Simon Parkes, Connecting Consciousness

  • Trump signed activation of FEMA camps as of 1/1/21, 220K sealed indictments
  • No truth to rumors that Mike Pence has resigned (from UK media)
  • Be careful listening to MSM; rumors and bizarre reporting
  • National Guard are already in California
  • 6th of January in Washington DC, GO IN GROUPS, Washington DC police are hostile, peaceful demonstration

Chambers of the Heart

Our Spirit

The Human Heart is a Supersensible Organ of Perception

By Douglas Gabriel

Chapter Two: Physiological Aspects of the Human Heart – Chambers of the Heart

“Go to your bosom; knock there, and ask your heart what it doth know…”

William Shakespeare


Fifth Chamber of the Heart

In Anthroposophy, much is made of the nature of the “fifth chamber” of the heart. This secret has been kept since ancient times but now is the focus of the next step in understanding the true nature of the human heart in its future development. It is our belief that the pericardium, the “sac” around the heart is indeed this fifth chamber that holds the secrets of proper heart evolution.

University of Calgary researchers were the first to discover a previously unidentified cell population in the pericardial fluid found inside the sac around the heart. The discovery could lead to new treatments for…

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AA Michael: Law of the Circle; Law of the Triangle, January 2021

Archangel Michael





Beloved masters, you have been living in an unreal world: a world of illusion whereby the truth has been distorted, altered and even deleted in order to take away your God-given powers and keep you captive in a “reality” of fear, struggle and deprivation.

The Creator’s master plan for this Universe is stored away within your Sacred Mind, and the key to the wisdom of the Ages and the ability to once again become a master co-creator on the Earth plane is stored within your Sacred Heart. That is why we have emphasized so often the importance of removing the protective shield you placed over your Solar Heart Center eons ago so that you would not feel so much emotional distress.

What you were not aware of is that by doing so your radiance was greatly diminished, for the inflow and outflow of Divine Creator Light from your Sacred Heart Center was also greatly decreased. As a result, you could no longer activate the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light with pure loving intent from within your Sacred Heart. Thereafter, you had only the half-spectrum Primal Life Force Substance to work with. Your Three-fold Flame could no longer blaze forth; therefore, your co-creative abilities to manifest were also diminished, and thus began the struggle to tap into and use your Divinely bestowed attributes and talents.

You are in an era of great reversal, rectification and expansion, whereby you are being given an opportunity to harmonize all the negativity you have personally created along with the inequities that were forced upon you. We have explained that when you, the StarSeed, began your journey out into the great void and the unmanifested Universe, elaborate plans for the pathway back into the refined realms of Light were made and put-on hold until the appropriate time and certain conditions were met.

That time has arrived, and the plan was activated in the early 1980’s of Earth time. As you are aware, every phase of life for humanity and the Earth has radically changed in the last thirty years. Beloveds, be aware that what has occurred in the recent past is only the beginning of even greater changes, and we are endeavoring to give you techniques, advanced information and teachings, along with every opportunity to traverse the waves of change with ease and grace.

We have explained briefly, in several ways, how you refracted into smaller Facets your Divine White Fire Seed Atom of God Consciousness to prepare you for you journey into the denser, reduced-frequency, lower-Dimensional realms of existence. When you answered the Clarion Call and agreed to be a part of the experiment in duality and polarity within the Sub-Universal experience, we have also discussed how each Fragment of your Divinity then separated into two Sparks of Light, one with feminine attributes and the other with masculine characteristics.

Each one of those profound separations was accomplished within a small Pyramid of Light created expressly for that purpose. The master plan was fail-proof; for each time you divided your Essence, you left an etheric replica waiting for the time of reunification within one of the small pyramids of Light. These Personal Pyramids are scattered throughout the Universe in every Dimension and many of the Sub-Dimensions.

Our Father/Mother God, the Elohim / Builders of Form, and the Archangels have created living Pyramids of Light within every level of Creation so that you could gain access to the building blocks of life. These life-giving forms give access to the frequencies of Light which are necessary components of transformation so that you, as human Beings, can return to a state of higher consciousness–your Divine state.

You are now in the process of reclaiming all the multiple Facets of your Soul Self within the Third and Fourth Dimensions so that you may move forward to a greater, more dynamic and expansive version of your Higher Self within a Fifth-Dimensional environment. To assist you in accomplishing this, your Diamond Core God Cell and your personal Flower of Life Creator Wheel contain a full measure of the Twelve Rays of God Consciousness for this Sub-universal experience. They were designed so that when you were ready to begin the return journey into the higher levels of consciousness, you would have access to your own FULL SPECTRUM DIVINITY. Your task is to activate these Rays, to incorporate the God qualities and attributes they contain, and then to use these qualities and attributes for the greatest good. There is still much confusion as to what the Soul is, how it functions, and where it resides. It is vital that you understand the intricate process of reconnecting with the many Facets of your Higher Self. It is also important that you gain clarity about the more in-depth teachings we have given you regarding the multiple Higher Self Fragments (you have many, not just one) and the process for incorporating these multiple Facets of Self.

The Law of the Circle has been initiated throughout this Universe, and the energetic impact of this grand Supreme Creator Seed Thought is now operating in full force. The time of expansion for this phase of Creation has come to a close, and the current phase of the cycle entails the Creator sending forth ITS Essence to incorporate ALL that has been created during this particular cycle of expansion. It is a merge of all the balanced, manifested Essence of Creation so that the Supreme Creator, the Co-creator Gods and Goddesses throughout this Sub-Universe, and all the Great Beings of Light can KNOW and EXPERIENCE all that they have created. You have heard the saying many times, “As above, so below,” and this is an important truth to remember. Just as you are reclaiming all the Facets of your Divinity, the same reunification process is occurring from the Supreme Creator Source.

The information we have given to assist you in reclaiming your co-creative abilities is a microcosmic duplication of the creative process throughout the Omniverse. First, you must gain the ability to draw forth the Full Spectrum Metatronic Light / Life Force of this Universe called Adamantine Particles, which is radiated forth into the River of Life from the Heart Core of our Father/Mother God. It becomes accessible when your Energetic Signature is attuned to the mid-Fourth-Dimensional level and higher.

In order to take advantage of this Divine gift, you must understand and apply the Universal Laws of Manifestation, and you must activate the Adamantine Particles of Light with your pure intention before this Essence of Light can be activated and flow forth out into the world. To speed up the process, it is important that you have created your own personal Creator Wheel / Flower of Life circle around you, and you have filled it with your carefully planned grand design for the future. Thereafter, via the Infinity Breath, your focused intention and deliberate actions, the process of manifestation in the material world is greatly accelerated.

The ebb and flow of Creation is never-ending. There is a Still Point pause while the Seed Thoughts are being formed and coalesced, and the Essence of Life is activated within the mind and heart of the Creator and at every level of Creation, down to you, a human co-creator on planet Earth. This is accomplished by infusing and activating the Seed Thoughts with unconditional love. The Seed Thoughts are then breathed out into the void to be manifested in the world of form. This process continues through each great cycle until it is time for the return and reunion process to begin. All Creation is in the process of being incorporated into the grand Creator Circle of Divine Light in anticipation of the next great Still Point pause, and the next momentous cycle of expansion. This process is repeated over and over again at every level of Creation within this Universe.

You are in the midst of a cosmic reunion process, my brave friends, and you will evolve in due time, in one way or another. You must be aware that this transformation process is a long and complex cycle; however, it can be a grand journey if you will take advantage of the wisdom teachings and the tools we are offering to you. The LAW OF THE CIRCLE states that every new creative endeavor must begin from within the Still Point of Will and Power, the Core Essence of the Creator and each co-creator.

The LAW OF THE TRIANGLE is another important component of Creation. You are familiar with the Trinity concept from your Bible: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, which in actuality is the Masculine Facet of God, the First Ray of Divine Will and Power. The Holy Spirit is the Mother Aspect of God whose Cosmic Womb has been infused with the Seed Thoughts – Adamantine Particles – from the mind of the Father God. The Seed Thoughts are activated with the Second Ray of Love/ Wisdom from within the Heart Core of the Mother God, and then radiated forth out into the Universe via the River of Life, to be used by the Suns (Paradise Sons and Daughters) through the qualities, attributes and aspects of the Third Ray to create worlds and wondrous things without end.

The pyramidal form, either three or four-sided, is the method whereby you access and gain entrance into the higher Dimensions of Light. The higher realms function within a three-fold balance, a Trinity of power, the Sacred Fire of Creation. The four-sided pyramid is representative of duality within the Third- and Fourth-Dimensional realms of existence.

The Power of the Trinity has been a driving force throughout this Universe. AA Metatron, Lord Melchizedek and I, Archangel Michael, have been given the privilege to form a Trinity of Consciousness within this Universal level. We bear and RAY-DIATE the Divine Light * Divine Wisdom * Divine Will aspects and qualities of our Father/Mother God out into this Universe. The Trinity of Consciousness is an important component of the creative process, for you must use the attributes, qualities and aspects of all three powerful God Rays if you wish to become a successful, proficient co-creator of form at any level of Creation.

You, the StarSeed, have joined with many groups, large and small, throughout the Universe, and you have accepted special assignments which were to be carried out as a group in various locations and at specific times. We have mentioned before that you have been encoded with time or event triggers − Memory Seed Atoms − within your Diamond Core God Cell, which have been or will be activated at the designated time, or when a specific part of the Grand Plan is to be initiated. You have been a part of many Trinity Cell Seed Atoms, which consisted of special assignments of the highest order. These Triads are usually composed of close Soul companions, or Souls who have had many special assignments together in the past and will also come together in the future. Groups of three, nine and twelve are joining together more and more often during these times of reunion, and this will occur even more often in the future.

Are you ready to expand your vision beyond your private little world or microcosmic reality? Are you ready and willing to accept the truth that you affect everyone and everything within this Universe, to one degree or another, and that everyone on Earth and in every other realm also affect you? We ask each of you, Are you ready to use the wondrous gifts that are your Divine Birthright? What will be your legacy to humanity and the world?”

Reach for the stars, beloveds, for there is no limit to what you can manifest when your visions are in harmony with the Divine Plan for the greatest good of all. Call on us and we will assist you in bolstering your resolve. Know that we are ever near to inspire, guide and protect you, and to radiate to you the love of our Father/Mother God.

I AM Archangel Michael. Transmitted Through Ronna / Sacred Scribe



As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman Vezane, claim the universal copyright (of this article) in the name of Archangel Michael. Personal sharing with friends, or posting on websites and in publications is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my website address is included: www.StarQuestMastery.com

Angelic Merkaba

Pam Gregory: New Moon in Capricorn, 12-13th Jan 2021

New Moon in Capricorn, 12-13th January 2021

Pam Gregory

Pam talks about the astrological developments for the first half of January and the New Moon in Capricorn on the 12-13th. What does this mean for you? You can download a free birthchart from my website http://www.pamgregory.com, then purchase this two-part tutorial video series that explains how to find this points in your chart and what it means for you: https://gumroad.com/l/FHjOZ.

  • We have to breakdown to break through to a much more loving world…
  • rebellious energies
  • Eris moving stationary direct in Aries – period of awakening
  • 6th of Jan, Mars moves into Taurus; conjunct Eris – earthquakes, disruptive energies
  • Changing energies, quick
  • New Moon 23 degrees Capricorn, “reality” check – how well we have mastered our emotions within last year
  • Capricorn is the past, Aquarius is the future – set intention for new life
  • etc.

Thoughts on 2021 video: https://youtu.be/vQ3QvOrRfIg

Deer Moon Astrology 1/2-1/3/2021


SATURDAY, 1/2/2021: We are challenged to adhere to some kind of organizing principle upon which to base our actions and our goals today. We may find ourselves prone to wasted energy or over-exertion. The Moon goes void-of-course this afternoon after trining Mars at 1:59 PM PST, stirring our energy levels but likely keeping us focused on appearances rather than important actions. Organization becomes easier once the Moon arrives in Virgo at 5:12 PM PST. Perhaps even more importantly, the Virgo Moon helps us to recognize the weight of unnecessary baggage that must be jettisoned in order to make the task of organization much easier. We may have some tendency for ‘our grasp to exceed our reach but this evening’s Virgo Moon helps us find more practical approaches and reasonable aims.


Today is the 2nd day of 2021
77 days until spring equinox
29 days until Mercury retrograde
363 days until 2022

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