Welcome 2021 ~ Lee’s January Energy Update to Help Understand the Journey

Tania Marie

I usually would add a little summary of Lee’s energy updates, but I’m a busy bee right now packing up a household of five. So I’ll just add a few words and let you listen because I know from your feedback that you have found these video posts of support. I enjoyed listening while I’m working away here, so maybe you can listen while you’re doing things too.

Lee is always on point to me with what he shares and I always appreciate and love his nonjudgmental and very heart-bridging ways, not to mention am very grateful for his resonating confirmations. I found many reiterations with what I felt and shared in my end of year blog in both his January Energy Update and the Live Annual Energy Update.

It’s interesting I’ll be away for 9 weeks during this gestation period he speaks of – birthing is 9 months, but…

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