The Spiritual Purpose of Hair

The Spiritual purpose of hair | The energetic purpose of hair | Truth about hair | Science of hair

Our Everyday Lives – Michael

The spiritual and energetic purpose of our hair. Improve your Everyday life experience by thinking in terms of energy frequency and vibration. Guidance to and through THE EVENT šŸ’«

Editor’s Note: Thinking back on my life, I grew my hair out as soon as I left home. Every time I cut my hair, I end up growing it back out, again. I feel better with long hair. I’m not into ‘fashion’ and wear my hair in braids most of the time. I also don’t dye my hair. And as my body ages, it is getting curly! Very indigenous looking šŸ˜‰

Here’s another perspective:

The Truth About Hair


The Cabal programs us from a young age to cut, dye and destroy our hair. Have you ever wondered why nature gave us hair? What is its purpose and why are we taught to remove it? This video is for you. Please have an open mind and always question your reality.

Shaving or cutting hair in ancient times… and not so ancient times, was a sign of slavery or submission to control.