12.31.20 Post Election Update #14: NESARA NEW YEAR’S EVE UPDATE

12.31.20 Post Election Update #14: NESARA NEW YEAR’S EVE UPDATE

The Tipping Point Radio Show

With acquired NESARA information in hand tonight we will discuss the worlds future with the Global Central Banking system out of the way and the new gold backed currencies that will unleash economic power onto humanity.

  • NESARA is NOT the Global Reset
  • Asset-backed currencies, fair, bullet-proof, not controlled by banks, no interest payments
  • Trump attempted to announce something today
  • John Roberts SCOTUS may be exposed
  • NESARA is going to kill the global financial system (the debt slave system)
  • Quantum Financial System (QFS), will record all transactions, tied back to assets
  • 1 to 1 exchange of fiat notes to the new Rainbow currency
  • Blockchain system, distributor ledger technology
  • Each person will have a digital account connected to gold (and other assets)
  • Dragon Bonds are being dumped into the assets
  • Trump’s administration has seized all of the assets of the Federal Reserve
  • QFS will END all corrupt banking; the global Swift system is being shut down
  • Identity-theft goes away!
  • All transactions are transparent and based on resources in the nation of origin
  • The Luciferians lose control over the United States FOREVER
  • Natural resources will benefit the countries of origin
  • etc.