Jeremy Prather: TRAITORS!


Jeremy Prather

US officials on CCP List! FBI clean teams for CIA wet work. Judiciary covers FBI corruption. China’s slow roll to global control. Biden’s virtual inauguration tells all.

  • Nashville bombing
  • Covert WWIV is still raging, cyber & informational
  • “Gallant Hours”, movie of courage
  • Defensive front in Arizona, started with ‘Fast and Furious’ and Eric Holder
  • Not out of legal options yet
  • Kinetics (war) is the LAST option
  • Defense is turning to offense
  • Liz Harris in Phoenix is showing how to get it done, bilateral voting research, 1 in 5 voters do not exist!
  • Supreme Court declines seeing evidence
  • Pence has cancels his trip to Israel / Trump will not retreat
  • Georgia is making headway with legal options
  • Dems and communists are panicked
  • Intelligence is intercepted, analyzed information; it is not evidence
  • CCP names found on chatroom
  • Duplicate names, original text in Chinese
  • Over million U.S. records translated to Chinese
  • Names… Democrats and Republicans listed out by Jeremy…