Without Time, There Would Be No Loss | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Know that it is all right to feel sad. Sadness, too, is a part of life. It is the passage of time you mourn. You mourn the tick-tock of time. So long as time is the fiction of your life, sadness will be.

If you could fathom time as the continuum you are on, if you could fathom time as timeless, if you could fathom that there is no passage of time, no increments to it, no past, no future, only a beautiful valley of no time at all, sadness would not be rife in your life.

What would there be to be sad about? Nothing would be gone. All would be present.

You would know there is no death. You would know that there is only life. It is not even that life would be perpetual because perpetuity signifies a possible sequence. There is no sequence, beloveds…

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