America Unites While Tyrants Push Reset Mandates!

Stand tall and be counted as Warriors of Light, people of the World!


NO RESET BUTTON PUSHED UNLESS IT IS FOR AMERICA TO BE GREAT AGAIN! The new world order and covid opportunities are out in the open and being shaken like a rug! The entire puzzle pieces have been put in place and now it is time for the boss fight. And the global “reset deep state” governors are all in lockstep testing the waters with more tyrannical mandates. Yet, there are big chinks in their swamp armor and the people’s patience has grown thin with the lies, deceit, and lockdowns that we now know never had to be put in place for the extreme durations they have been. So now they throw Thanksgiving out the window. Or so they are trying to.

You can bet that Governor Cuomo  and Newsom won’t be following their own rules come Thanksgiving, they don’t even do it now.

Cuomo was not happy with his Sherriffs…

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