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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Life is a diving-board you jump from. You climb, you dive, you swim, you climb and dive again. In and out goes life. You are always on the verge, beloveds, and then you jump again and again. It requires much trust, doesn’t it? As much as you want to hold tight, that much must you let go.

You cannot stay poised on the diving board your life long. You have to jump, or you will be pushed or simply fall anyway. Life just won’t let you stand there. It won’t let you be indecisive forever. Come, jump into the waters of life. Whatever the temperature, the water is fine. I invite you to swim with Me. These are My waters you dive into. Be not afraid.

Deep are the layers of existence. There are levels within levels, and you dive through them all, and you come up through…

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